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Kasese Municipality, Uganda, Africa
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Gift Women Link Foundation (GWLF) is women based charitable, non-profit and non-political organization for under privileged, the poor, ultra-poor, vulnerable and marginalized people particularly the rural population who are deprived of today’s modern facilities such as health care, education etc

Volunteering Activities

Women Empowerment
Closest City: Kasese Municipality (0.0KM)

What We Need

Objective: To provide assistance to the board of the organization in identifying donor resources, raising funds, events and writing proposals for long-term organizational sustainability.
Proposed Roles:
 Compile and maintain a database of international and local donor organizations (international foundations, bilateral and multilateral agenciesand private corporations offering donations)
 Regularly monitor donor websites and identify and inform donor opportunities matching the work of the organization
 Assist the Director in writing concept notes, project ideas and project proposals and ensure their timely submissions.
 Undertake independent research in finding alternative resources for long-term sustainability of the organization
 Assist the Director in developing business plans to generate income from various sources.
 Undertake online research and build contacts with potential individual donors and raise funds for the activities of the organization.
 Maintain relationships with existing donors and respond to their requests regularly and keep updating them about the work of the organization.
 Improve and develop communications material for the organization such as brochure, website, annual report, social media accounts, poster etc.
 Organize or provide assistance in organizing any fundraising events for the organization
 Suggest other innovative ideas for effective resource mobilization.

When & Who

1week - 6 Months but also Based on Volunteer preference
Individuals, Family with Kids, Retirees

What we Provide


The foundation thematic areas includes;
I. Conservation
II. Vocational education
III. Health
V. Education
VII. Sustainable agriculture
VIII. Savings and credit
IX. Human rights advocacy
X. Childhood development
XI. Sustainable development.


Mixed local meals basing on volunteer preference

Hot Water

Our Fees


We have a guest house that charges as follows,
1 month = $300
2 months = $500
3 months = $700
4 months = $900
5-6months = $1200
More than 6 months =$200 per month

The above volunteering costs includes;
Airport bus
Local Meals
Electricity bills
Water bills

If the volunteer needs tours in national parks and mining centres a fee of $200 is added in any volunteer selected month.

Volunteers should contact us for more information.

More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pick Up/Drop Off
Social Activities

We pick volunteers from Entebbe Airport to Kasese and social activities like sports, games and local tours.

Contact Person

Bwambale Rwamanyonyi
Kidodo Cell, Central Division, Kasese Municipality, Uganda.

Other Ways to Help

Create/Update our Website
Social Media Help
Grant Writing

Gift Women Link Foundation is requesting for volunteers to fundraise for Vulnerable children digital home (VCDH) Project in Kasese District for 1year.
Total Project Costs UGSH 40,780,000, Local contribution UGSH1,780,000 and
Amount requested UGSH 39,000,000

GWLF Kasese Uganda is looking for a dynamic and motivated person to help organize diverse community fundraising activities, conduct research on potential funding opportunities, and participate in developing funding applications
Key Objectives of Volunteer Role
To plan and run successful community fundraising events (Women empowerment, Children and youth empowerment, academic /sports); conduct research on charity funders; and to help develop funding proposals to support GWLF Uganda’s activities.
. Role Description
• Planning and organizing bi-monthly community events with GWLF staff and volunteers (type of events dependent on your interests/skills/background)
• Ensuring good monitoring, analysis and follow up after each event
• Helping to organize an annual sports event for GWLF and our partners
• Building relationships with companies to explore sponsored events and funding opportunities
• Conducting thorough research of the various funding bodies available to GWLF organizations based in Uganda /Africa, and assessing how viable they are for a funding application from GWLF Voice
• Contributing to development of funding proposals to generate funding for GWLF Voice’s activities
• Close liaison and participation in social media and our other communications

More Information can be uploaded to the Volunteer.

We train volunteers on Rwenzori Culture, Tribes, languages and History


1. Getting volunteers now
2. Projects Resources

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

The staff includes clinic administration and foundation administration.


Gift Women Link Foundation is in transition of upgrading its services from community based to national level and therefore we need volunteer joint support to create sustainable development in Rwenzori Region.


Gift Women Link Foundation was established in 2008. The establishment of this foundation was to address women constraints and empowering women through innovative approaches in areas of Microcredit services, education, reproductive and child health, ICT, health, human rights, agriculture, Vocational services, HIV/AIDS, life skills and community development with a focus on poverty alleviation, economic empowerment and establishing a society where women and girls live happy, healthy, educated and free from all forms of violence under a conserved community.

The foundation main target population includes; Women, PWD, PLWHA, farmers and children.

the foundation is a compact team of women having tremendous vigor to overcome the socio-cultural, economic and political barriers for overall positive change for humanity. Team members are from different walks of life having common objectives towards social welfare and are experienced in their field. Nevertheless, it is the first time the team approached for the big project after its establishment though team has successfully accomplished small-scale projects on their own mobilizing local resources and international grants. Team is now running adult literacy skills voluntarily in its home location.

I. Promote rural small scale agriculture in women communities
II. To educate, support and care for the vulnerable women for education, medical care, food, scholarship, materials and the general welfare.
III. To promote the need for protection of vulnerable women, to live in a peaceful and enjoyable environment
IV. To empower women in vocational skill management to improve on their standards of living
V. To conserve the environment so as to limit environmental Degradation
VI. To facilitate inter-grated self-income generating and developmental initiatives through training so that skills and knowledge acquired remains resident with the people for self-reliance and sustainability.
VII. To enable people to recognize the inter-relationship between health, nutrition, agriculture, income generation, human and community development.
VIII. To facilitate and carry on HIV/AIDS awareness of the adolescent and women communities.
IX. To train the rural population on natural resource management and conservation.

Empower women in rural communities from grass root through active participation for sustainable development.

To ensure Development excellence in technical sustainable and technology services for self-reliance of women in rural communities Kasese District.

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