NAIROBI, Kenya, Africa
We are a community charity organization working in Kenya

Volunteering Activities

Web Work
Women Empowerment

What We Need

This community program is in need of volunteers who will be able to participate actively in Fundraising activities related to grant writing ,concept note writing & contacting the relevant organizations & individuals willing to support the work of organization in service delivery.
We need the volunteers who will help teach in our community school education projects.
Our resource center requires volunteers who can help in construction & development of our social media project like Facebook & our website .
Since our community development program has the vision and mission of reaching the unreached we shall be glad to get volunteers who may design and produce an architectural drawing of our proposed multipurpose community center for community use .& those who can teach computer technology to the community youth who are in need and those who have reformed and are willing to find meaning of life and living purpose .


When & Who

Being a community development that has been faced by different challenges and are proud of our achievements we shall be happy to receive volunteers all round the year.
this will help the program to move from another level by serving the community.
Seasonal Information
We shall be glad to start receiving our beloved volunteers whom we believe that will add value into our community programs.
Our community project does not dictate to the volunteer the duration of stay. This will depend with the volunteer because our programs are running all year round. When the community schools are closed other community empowerment programs & media activities are on going.
Individuals, Groups, Retirees, Disabled

What we Provide

Types: Homestay, Guesthouse, Volunteer House

We really value volunteers very much & in terms of home stay, they will stay with the host families & liable to pay usd 415 per week while those who will stay in community hotel will pay usd 615 & for those who will stay at the community guest houses will pay usd 405 .all this will be per week.n/b when the volunteers are coming in big number & have long stay.
they will get some discount and good bargaining strides.
Those will include food,accommodation,airport pickups ,language translations,security escorts when need be ,local transport .& writing materials and internet.

Types: Variety, Vegetarian, Vegan, Accommodate Dietary Restrictions

The meals will include both African and European foods & more so the volunteers will have a upper hand to decide what to eat.

Wifi & Satellite
Hot Water
Air Conditioning
First Aid
Local SIM Card
Laundry Service
Hospital Transport
Purified Drinking Water

Our Fees

$5 daily

The one -time fees will support the project work and the volunteers stay each per person a sit has been stated .this will involved movements ,food, program fee,registration, and reservation fee etc .

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pretrip Assistance
Pick Up/Drop Off
Social Activities

Contact Person

George Ouma
P O BOX 28839-00100 NAIROBI, NAIROBI, Kenya.

Other Ways to support us

Traditional cooking class, local language class, community photography

All the above short activities will provide an opportunity for the volunteers to get practical experience in cooking traditional food & the language class will help the volunteer understand some of the local languages & THE photography will enable the volunteers to take good community photos for inspiration.
Photography tour will attract additional 20USD for the tour guide pax .


-We need clothes for the needy children & youth who are very desperate.
-We need shoes for the community needy beneficiaries.
-We computers & laptops for our community resource & training's for the youth.
-We need books & sports equipment for the youth who are talented in sports.
-We need cameras and other accompaniments for our TV and media center which benefits the community.

Additional Info about Us

More than 50 people

The staff duties involve -filed work ,media work at the TV station, office work, teaching, counselling, training, feeding programs, report writing, orientations, documentations, environmental services, school work etc.


We need volunteers who will help our community organization to grow by adding value. We also need to establish a community resource center and have a sponsorship program and community food security.

Government schools are closed during holidays IE April ,August and December but private schools continue with programs.
Being a community development organization involved in school education, but we have other programs like community empowerment training's, health & HIV/aids programs, environmental services ,project internal tours, sports & tournaments,youth development actions, awareness on crime prevention activities.

This is a community charity organization working with women in need and children in the community.
The organization is piloting a TV station with plans to radio station that will highlight community challenges & problems.
We also work with different stakeholders in our community INCLUDING schools,youth groups,religious organizations and children advocacy groups in our community.
we also work very closely with sports clubs and groups in our community and we do take advantage of community sports actions to pass the very relevant information to the community.
we do have continuous training in the community taking place at i identified venues & involving all the stakeholders .
the good thing about volunteering with us is that we have very good places where volunteers go to visit during the weekends.
our community activities provides good opportunity for the volunteers to socialize and interact with the community.
this venture will help them grasp the community language for communication.
our programs are integrated and very interesting in that in that nobody is left out .
we are looking for the volunteers who will help us in the building and construction of our community resource center to live a land mark in the community.
again those who can train youth & women in micro finance and enterprise development .they will also participate in conducting feeding programs for the community needy beneficiaries.