We are a community charity organization working in Kenya

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Estimated time: 30 - 40 hours
Content Writing
Estimated time: 10 - 15 hours
Video Creation
Estimated time: 20 - 30 hours
Social Media Marketing
Setup our Facebook page
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Content Writing
Estimated time: 15 - 20 hours
Web Work
Estimated time: 40 - 50 hours
Design our logo

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P O BOX 28839-00100 NAIROBI, NAIROBI, Kenya.


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More than 50 people

The staff duties involve -filed work ,media work at the TV station, office work, teaching, counselling, training, feeding programs, report writing, orientations, documentations, environmental services, school work etc.

This is a community charity organization working with women in need and children in the community.
The organization is piloting a TV station with plans to radio station that will highlight community challenges & problems.
We also work with different stakeholders in our community INCLUDING schools,youth groups,religious organizations and children advocacy groups in our community.
we also work very closely with sports clubs and groups in our community and we do take advantage of community sports actions to pass the very relevant information to the community.
we do have continuous training in the community taking place at i identified venues & involving all the stakeholders .
the good thing about volunteering with us is that we have very good places where volunteers go to visit during the weekends.
our community activities provides good opportunity for the volunteers to socialize and interact with the community.
this venture will help them grasp the community language for communication.
our programs are integrated and very interesting in that in that nobody is left out .
we are looking for the volunteers who will help us in the building and construction of our community resource center to live a land mark in the community.
again those who can train youth & women in micro finance and enterprise development .they will also participate in conducting feeding programs for the community needy beneficiaries.

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