Give Hope Uganda

Kampala, Uganda, Africa
Give Hope Uganda (GHU) is an Indigenous registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and registered as a Community Based Organization (CBO) with Kira Municipality under registration number: KMC/111/19.

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Bukasa Kirinya Bweyogerere Wakiso District, Kampala, Uganda.
93% response rate , 25 hour(s) response time.

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Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Executive Director - Create a Vision ,Lead and Manage,Engage the Community, Manage Financial/Fundraising Affairs , Support the Board of Directors. Coordinator - Makes and implements development programs of staff, the schedule of training for volunteers, the right tools and methods in the organization
Prepares the needed materials, submitting reports, handling the correspondence and drafting the evaluations, schedule the meetings within the organization.
Assists volunteers in developing ideas

We work in community to support and uplift peoples standards of living by providing projects like Education, Youths Empowerment, Community Development, Social Works, Teaching, Child Care and Women Empowerment on how to save through creation of their own SACCO's, giving back to children and infants who have been infected and affected by HIV/AIDS by providing with them scholastic materials has they go back to school. Our projects are located in Bweyogerere Sub County/ Town Council/Division Kirinya Parish/Ward Bukasa Village in Kira Municipal Council, in Wakiso District.

We invest in local knowledge and expertise to support and sustain all of our projects within our communities.
By supporting our projects, you’ll be making a positive and tangible impact on the lives of thousands of people living in the third world.