Volunteer with Giving Hope to women, girls and children.

Giving Hope to women, girls and children.

Kampala, Uganda, Africa
Giving Hope For Women, Girls and Children is a Non-Profit Organization located in the Northern of Uganda. The organization recognizes Gender Equality as one of its guiding principles.Our organization directly assists and promotes long-term recovery to victims of sexual harassment and violence affe

Women Development

The volunteers will mainly deal in fundraising and event planning to raise more fund for the project

03/09/ 2017

6 months


We provide transport to the field



Create/Update our Website
Grant Writing

The volunteer will have the opportunity to reach out to potential donors including local NGO's and Businesses. The volunteer will also work on organizing one fundraising event in both locally and internationally

Established in October 2014, Giving Hope for Women, Girls and Children(GHGWC) is a non-governmental Community Based organization (CBO) that works with the women, girls and children and it is committed to provide psychosocial support, Advocacy, Protection and capacity building to war affected Women, Children, girls , human rights violation and abuse and to lift women out of vulnerability and poverty.The organization aims to:
Promote equal access to quality education for females.
To improve the economic security of women and their families.
To understand and improve health issues affecting women and their families.
To advance equal opportunity and the rights of women

Up to 5 people


Obadiya lalobo road, plot 4, Gulu, Kampala, Uganda.


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