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Global Student Outreach, Inc

Global Student Outreach works to support education in Cambodia by constructing and renovating schools, providing English & Computer classes, and supporting the local Cham community through volunteer service projects.

What We Need

There are English classes that are held in the village three times each day for an hour, volunteers are welcome to assist the local teacher with those classes. We also have pre-school English classes that focus on teaching ABCs and basic vocabulary and English basics from 8am to 10am and 1pm to 3pm each day with children around 5-6 years of age.

We will also be traveling to local schools a short distance away to help renovate them, usually there is a lot of painting to be done, the kids often like to jump in and help and you will definitely get a chance to meet the villagers who will no doubt come to see what all the excitement is about.

Special preference to volunteers with SEO and Social Media experience, as we always need help with our project fundraisers, making short videos and finding financial assistance and material assistance abroad to help support the expansion of our programs.

If volunteers traveling from their home countries are able to collect donations of books, and toys, puzzles, games. We would really appreciate it. Children in the village rarely have access to any kind of toys, outside of soccer balls.

They really enjoy blocks such as legos, and puzzles. We are grateful for any toys and books as we are setting up a library in one of the school rooms.

Most airlines will not charge for excess baggage if a letter from a NGO / Non-profit is provided, and we can provide a letter to volunteers traveling to us with donations.

We also need help with fundraising to purchase desks, tables, shelves, white boards, and other classroom supplies. If volunteers are interested, we can provide them with additional photos and information before they arrive so they can assist with furnishing the classrooms once they are completed.

When & Who

Year Round.
Nope, we don't require a minimum duration
We accept volunteers who want to stay from 1 week to 6 months and can assist with visa extensions if needed.
Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups

What we Provide

Volunteers are housed in the village and most will share a room with other volunteers depending on how busy we are, we have a traditional Khmer style home located on a large lake and about five minutes from the school that we provide support for year round.

Home-stay opportunities are available for volunteers who wish to experience and observe the daily lives of our village.

Our project is approximately 1 hour from the capital, Phnom Penh and about $5 per person for a taxi from the city center.

We currently have accommodation for up to four volunteers at the moment and are in the process of expanding our capacity.

We strive to organize weekend activities for our volunteers such as visits to water falls, temples, meditation, bicycle tours, boat tours, hiking and other activities.

Volunteers are welcome to ride bicycles with the children, go fishing and spend time outside of class learning about village life.

Our Fees


Our volunteer placements are $100 per week. Our fees include:
- 3 Meals Per Day
- Accommodation
- Bicycle
- Weekend / group excursions

*Global Student Outreach employs zero staff, all work is carried out by volunteers. We strongly believe that charity work should be charitable directing 100% of income to projects.

**All fees are used to support the construction and maintenance of our projects, and unused portion of your fee will be donated to the construction of the new elementary school in Chankiek village, volunteer fees are our primary source of funding for our construction.

*Our fees are 100% tax deductible for American citizens.

*We can assist with airport pickup if needed, or organize pickup from hotels in Phnom Penh.

Contact Person

Dustin Javorsky
Chankiek Village, Sala Lek 5, Cambodia.
62% response rate , 82 hour(s) response time.

Other Ways to Help

Grant Writing

We would be grateful for any assistance that we can receive when dealing with grants and fundraising. We are an extremely small grassroots organization that is managed by working professionals who dedicate their free time to help get projects and volunteers organized.

From time to time we are awarded small grants for our projects, however we do not have a great deal of experience in this area. And because we only have a small team of dedicated volunteers that run Global Student Outreach in their free time, we do not really have a lot of time to do fundraising or grant writing.

We welcome any and all assistance from anyone who would be willing to lend a hand.

We always need donations of toys from abroad. However, school supplies and other materials can be purchased locally at very affordable prices. We recommend volunteers purchase their own donations in Cambodia to get the most for your money.


What are you waiting for?

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