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Global Vision Over Haiti Today

Port Au Prince, Haiti, The Caribbean

Who we are

Global is a nonprofit organization which providing medical ,education services , food and supplies to reduce starvation; creates shelters and support for the homeless. Global is needed of support to build medical center and allowing medical aids and supplies to be readily accessible to everyone

Agriculture Work
Web Work

1) Online work supports are needs to fundraising and crowdfunding funds for the volunteers accommodation,meals and transportation expenses

2) We are in need generalist physicians to provide full medical consultations, tests, medicines delivery and eyes glasses to the sick people

3) We are in needs volunteers to help establishing international Vocational School and languages institute for the undeserved communities

4) We are in needs volunteers and support to help creating farming (agriculture) development and irrigation services for the poor people

5) We are in needs investors and volunteers to help raising fund and building an health center which will facilitate medical services to everyone

The board of directors of the organization is available to answer to all volunteers questions or information needs. For safety reason and to avoid confused information .We are therefore suggested (advised) to volunteers to only provide their professional services but not exchanged plan and shared contact: email, phone, whatsapp, and skype and addresses information with patients or clients in the project site or else area.

Starting November 22 , 2017 and consistently , rolling programs and projects

1 week but having consistent and rolling program that volunteers could extend 2 to 3 weeks or more times depending to the development requirements

1) Meal -Rice,Green banana and eggs,chiken meat and fish, salads,juices,spaghetti ,drinks etc,,, and volunteers can place foods order for their own choice
2) We will house volunteers with discount



Importantly,we need fundraising,graphic design,website creation etc..,

Create/Update our Website
Social Media Help
Editing Work
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Global provide free medical consultations, tests and deliver medicines to the sick people. The clinic holds training seminars on how to maintain good healthy living and listening to people’s general grievances, prevention against illness Cholera, Malaria, HIV and Aids.
Global establish school and offers to the underprivileged children the opportunity to learn and take part in educational programs and activities. There is a high focus on developing children and establishing a Christian training program. The fundamental School offers the children books and resources, qualified teachers, opportunities for parent teacher meetings. The Fundamental school feeds the children breakfast and lunch, involves them in social and community projects, provides information on housing orphans, and creates awareness about youth drug abuse and addiction.


10 to 20 people

The $ 500 fees are for housing(accommodation) ,foods,drink,airport pick up and project site transportation


https://youtu.be/PAkTAtYh-Tk http://youtu.be/hroAID8S6LM


Daniel Joseph,Delmas 33 Prolongee,Rue Fraternite et La paix # 22 ,C/O Fr/Sr Sidrique Hermogene Port-Au-Prince ,Haiti OR Daniel Joseph,Delmas 33 Prolongee Rue Ste Claire # 4 C/O Bachelard Saintilus Port-Au-Prince,Haiti, Port Au Prince, Haiti.



The world market expertise reveals that charitable healthcare, educational and farming development implementation are commercial vehicle of the profitable businesses .The investors are encouraged to use the invention tools in order to disclose the wealth, wasted resources and neglected brainy, have them fruitful or workable to invent products and save humanity's lives. The invention has a positive impact (outcome) in expanding investors and company products through healthcare, irrigation, farming, children educational development which will alarm ,decentralize and relocate urban citizen to the community ,increase foot traffic and sales, access investors with the following market of commercialization ; private medical center, hospitals and drugstores, supermarket, gaz station , garage, agriculture, micro-lending , university and vocational schools, languages institute, hotel ,restaurant, public transportation , manufacture, energy ,technology and real estate ,wasting recycle and products’ exportation of services etc..,The inventor is required a confidential signed agreement prior to access the investor companies to full humanitarian and commercial development directives .The idea is required no upfront payment or patent fee and kindly recommended partner companies or organizations to devote the innovation under their registered patent and work corporately . SOCIAL IMPACT
Charitable healthcare, educational, agriculture (irrigation) services are assets that transform and save the community people’ lives, generate income, contribute investors' financial return and help accessing self-sustainability to launch new projects. The approach is the drawing power that would speed up the establishing of commercial business and improving the economic situation of the inhabitant’s through the creation of employment opportunities. The invention will eradicate community’s poverty, starvation, illiteracy, diseases and reduce the death rate; robberies act, keep the environment safe and clean, and inspire climate change due to the implementation of the social services. Due to lack of commitment, many people were killed by diseases or poverty in this world, companies post their vacancies and hard to find suitable to fit with their needs(vacancies) , are rejected candidacy application cause of illiteracy or no vocational skills .Additionally employer bankrupt and unemployment are sources of outcoaching. Whom these happen so? Those were who could be physicians, nurses, educators, and entrepreneurs, investors to serve their community, invent products that save lives or reduce the world pressure.
Humanitarian & Commercial Funding
Investors, volunteers can invest their own funds, raise funds from donor organizations, finance companies, post projects or apply for funding through agencies donor or via online crowdfunding platform www.globalinnovationfund.org /www.globalhand.org/www.youcaring.com etc..,

The lack of leadership commitment make it a big issue, million people have no medical care access to public hospital, unemployment and the financial crisis are buried the population. The economic capacities of the inhabitants are not affordable with the private hospital expenses. There are 80 % of people living at risk and the negligence’s (carelesses) routine are forcing them to die at home, street, spreaded diseases all over the places and the death rate increased day by day in communities. The poverty and starvation rates are very high and until now there has been no other organization that has sought to address their needs. Let’s Analyze of someone who is living in remote area, unable to move and requires medical emergency or urgency. The only means that exist is a stretcher that is made by two pieces of wood and not really comfortable to carry sick people. The worse are the Haiti remote areas that required many hours walking on foot to reach to a medical clinic and not even a Hospital. The situation of pregnant women and children age 0-5 years and older remains scandalous, threatening and frightening in remote area.
Mailing Contact
Daniel Joseph,Delmas 33 Prolongee,Rue Fraternite et La paix # 22 ,C/O Fr/Sr Sidrique Hermogene Port-Au-Prince ,Haiti OR Daniel Joseph,Delmas 33 Prolongee Rue Ste Claire # 4 C/O Bachelard Saintilus Port-Au-Prince,Haiti

Your Contact Person - Daniel Joseph

: 50938002750

: daniel.joseph284