Global Minder Cameroon

Kumba, Cameroon, Africa
we are a civil society organization figthing against environmental degradation, poor health and social injustice

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work
Conservation Work
Human Rights Work
Web Work
Women Empowerment

What We Need

Purpose: To collect stories, images and results from the field and present them in a professional manner to our donors, general audience and partners to improve fundraising results and impact.
Story Collection: Conducts Base-line and impact assessment interviews, conducts life story interviews and takes step-by-step pictures of Globalminder ´s activities and individual beneficiaries. Designs and records short project videos.
Website content - Writes frequent blog articles in Globalminder ´s website, revises and improves content and design of Website, explores strategies for enhanced visibility of Website.
Reporting - Writes internal and external reports of field activities.
Revision - Works with other junior staff revising their reports and providing feedback.
Re-designing - Takes raw written materials, re-designs and organizes them for public presentations and reports.
Fundraising - Writes personalized thank you letters and fundraising materials, revises and write short write-ups for public crowd funding projects.
Social Media Management - Designs, writes and publishes facebook and twitter posts. Possibility of designing strategy and managing page in any social media platform.
Graphic Design: Designs or helps design flyers, posters and logos
Mapping of foundations: Identifies organizations that could provide financial support to Globalminder´s work and present findings to Project Proposal Team.
General support: Directly participate in project execution doing minor tasks
Brainstorming: Participate in project evaluation and designing sessions to improve Globalminder Cameroon´s work.
(Optional) Personal project: Personal project that complies with Globalminder Cameroon ´s standards of impact and sustainability or research to evaluate the organization´s projects or analyze the lives of the communities we work for. The volunteer will be granted the time to do this, and Globalminder Cameroon will provide orientation and staff. Conceive and design projects in HIV/AIDS Agriculture, Environment and Agriculture. Volunteers will also accompany peer educators in carrying out educative talks on HIV/AIDS for the population most at risk in our communities

This under mentioned is for agriculture alone
1. Accompany women in their farm land preparation,seed preparation,planting,farm maintenance,harvesting transporting,processing and marketing
2. Assist in the training of woman groups on productive farming techniques, Hygienic cassava processing, and market information system. Simple maintenance of equipment
3. Assist in the training of woman groups on administrative management: (keeping farm, processing, and market records and books)
4. Assist in the designing and building waste treatment plants for all woman groups and the market information system
5. Accompany to support women groups on the Production of cassava tubers
6. Accompany to support women groups on the Production of Beans, Corn, Chickens and vegetables in their farms
7. Accompany to assist in community development
8. Assist in training women groups or associations capacity on post harvesting and processing
9. Assist to train all the women groups on soil fertility
10. Assist to train all the women groups on agribusiness

When & Who

At all times
Yes, we require a minimum of 5 Months

What we Provide

Local SIM Card
Hospital Transport
Purified Drinking Water

Our Fees

No fees

We do not charge volunteers. Volunteers takes care of their accommodation

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Social Activities

Contact Person

P O Box 64 Kuma, Meme Division-Cameroon, Kumba, Cameroon.

Other Ways to support us

projector,GPS,HIV test kit,office communication accessories,office furniture,condoms both male and female,Birthing Kits

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

We do not provide accommodation to our volunteers but there are accommodation facilities near by and very affordable. That is the more reason we do not charge any daily fee.You can choose to prepare your food or you can get from the restaurant.

We work through out the year

Globalminder Cameroon is an apolitical, non-profit making civil society organization which started in 2003 under the name Forestry and Environmental Conservation Society (FOECONS) with registration number G39/10/014/5/113/04 and legalized under country laws in 2004 and recognized under the law NO 90/053 of 19th December 1990 governing freedom of Associations in Cameroon. In 2017, a General Assembly (GA) resolution 16(a) changed its name FOECONS to Global Minder -Cameroon, with the same vision, mission and values.
Globalminder Cameroon specializes in working with people and communities to resolve their environmental and social concerns. It has established a unique portfolio of projects and set new standards of working in education, health, agriculture, community development and environmental concerns.
Globalminder Cameroon has developed a national responsibility because we believe that many of the challenges society now faces are of a global nature and will be most effectively addressed through understanding different views and perspectives, sharing ideas across philosophies and learning from each other to develop a locally appropriate response. We are currently running programmes such as: education,health,environment,agriculture and agroforestry . Globalminder Cameroon is at the heart of a growing network of community development organizations around the globe that work in a cooperative and supportive way to maximize their impact.

To create a long lasting positive and community –led change that improves the lives and livelihoods of vulnerable communities.

To foster a vibrant,prosperous growing society(ies) through extraordinary community development.

Pragmatic; not campaigning.
Solutions cannot be learned from a textbook, they cannot be prescribed from the top down. Each situation is different, each is unique and each requires its own individual approach.
We work with all sectors of society to build and nurture an environment which enables people to develop effective solutions to environmental, Health, agricultural and social concerns.
Rather than imposing solutions, Globalminder Cameroon helps to develop people’s knowledge, skills and abilities in response to their needs.
Our Activities
1) Natural resource Management: Increasing the ability of local populations to benefit and contribute to natural resource management and conservation and focusing on activities that conserve and protect the local environment and helping to alleviate poverty for communities.
2) Agriculture and Food security: Promoting new and traditional approaches to increasing food security, food production and preservation, without losing on-farm biodiversity
3) Healthcare: Carry out activities and programs in basic healthcare, reproductive and maternal health, 4) Helping the disadvantage and underprivileged
5) Human Rights: Initiating, organizing and implementing human rights programs
6) Gender and Community Development: Promotion of Gender-Equality and Empowering of Women in economic activities and ending gender based violence
7) Environmental Sustainability: promote environmental sustainability in our communities.
8) Climate Change: To improve mitigation and adaptation of communities to climate change.
9) Education and Training: Promote education and training among youths and underprivileged communities.
10) Advocacy: Advocate for policies and regulations related gender and development and the improvement of natural resources,