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Pondicherry, India, South Asia

Goodwill Mission is a non-governmental organization working with homeless destitute people on the streets of Pondicherry, to rehabilitate and empower them.

Goodwill Mission (Public Charitable Trust) is a Non-Profit Organization, which is established on 4th of April 2008 in Pondicherry, India. By Mr. Anumuthu a managing trustee along with Mrs. Sheebarani and Mr. Prasad as trustees. Goodwill Mission trust works among the homeless disabled people who are living in the street without employment and basic needs. Lack of employment and family acceptance forced a person as a homeless vagabond in the streets. The main focus of the organization is to bring value and acceptance in the life of homeless people through advocacy, awareness campaigns, as well as to empower them through skill training and employment. To the neglect old and sick home based care and support till the end of their life.

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India is a second largest populated country in the world with 1.34 billion people. Pondicherry is a union territory of 1.3+ million people living. The street of Pondicherry filled with homeless people roaming about without employment and basic needs. The main problem of the homelessness is poverty, unemployment, and disability. Most of the homeless people are from neighboring states that come in search of work or to beg for their survival since it is a tourist place. The age group is from 22 above; among this group, the illiterate ratio is high. The main occupations are waste collecting and begging. Mostly the old and disabled people do begging in front of worship places. They do not have any particular places as such to stay, and they do not have any belongings other than one carry bag. They sleep on the street with many challenges with police, rowdies, and mosquitoes. They do not have any toilet facilities or place to take bath. They all lake hygiene and nutrition, this group do not have access to transportation because of the shabby look and stinking smile. They don’t get proper medical assistant during sickness. The homeless person does not have recreation on the street if they go the public places like cinema theatres, parks or other places they are chased away. Therefore, the only recreation that they find on street is going to a local liquor shop, which chains them on the process of time. The homeless are divided into three categories; the first group is old and sick, the second group is unemployed adults. The third group is physically and mentally challenged people. Many of the able people looking for a job opportunity, the old and sick, disabled people looking for shelter with care and support.
Goodwill Mission Trust is an NGO which was established in the year 2008, to work with the rejected people on the street. We do empower and skill training for the jobless. To the old and sick giving medical and hygiene assistants. We want to open shelter home for the old and sick homeless people, for this cause we do look for committed volunteers who can raise funds in various possible ways and help out in setting up our website and maintain. Thank you.

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Joshi Anumuthu
No.100, Annai Nagar, 5th Cross Street, Navarkulam, Lawspet, Pondicherry - 605008., Pondicherry, India.

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Goodwill Mission is a non-governmental organization working for the downtrodden in the society who are unwanted, uncared and unloved destitute, rake pickers and disabled who are on the street without proper food, clothing, shelter and hygiene. To bring changes and dignity in their life in the street of Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu (India).
Our mission is to create a holistic development and inspirational model of living and working together to create a social change in the life of deprived and disabled by providing compassion and self sustainable life.

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