Durban, South Africa, Africa
Our aim to empower and help non-profit organizations figure out methods of remaining self-efficient. One of these organizations that benefits is a Community Centre for Children and Flashmobkindness. Our Volunteer Program is centred around these two organizations, there are 3 childrens centres around Durban and with Flashmobkindness we volunteer around South Africa looking for places that need assistance. We encourage open minded and positive people to join our adventures.

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work
Social Work

What We Need

Volunteers do not have to bring any special equipment other than a positive attitude.

We arrange an orientation by video call just to prepare the volunteers just before they leave for South Africa.

What we are looking for:

- Passion.
- Open-mindedness.
- Tolerance.
- Kindness.
- Team-oriented.
- Dedication.
- Respectfulness.
- Commitment to volunteering.

Prospective volunteers will have to go through an interview process via a video call.

Duties included childcare, kitchen duties, gardening, administration, special projects, teaching, and cleaning. We would like volunteers to help around the centers wherever possible.

Volunteering daily schedule, from Monday to Friday:

- 8:00 am: help our caregivers with preparing breakfast for the kids; keeping the children entertained before breakfast.
- 9:30 am: working with our caregivers to teach the children songs and do basic educational activities.
- 10:30 am: help kids wash hands and prepare for snack time.
- 11:00 am: nap time for the kids and volunteers take a break for 45 minutes.
- 11:45 am: volunteers play with the kids outside until lunch whilst others are helping lunch.
- 12:30 am: watch over the children while eating lunch.
- 14:00 pm: volunteers choose from different educational activities for the children.

Volunteers can choose to be part of our garden program. Other volunteers are allowed to hold workshops to educate our caregivers about child care or any other education workshop. Some can be placed permanently in the kitchen.
We also take our volunteers to our other centres and they can help with support groups and an opportunity to see how the other centres operate. They can offer to teach kids English. The children range from ages 1-5.

When & Who

Year-round except for December and January.
Yes, we require a minimum of 1 Month

What we Provide


Our Fees

$41 daily

Volunteering rates include accommodation/food/local transportation.

2 WEEKS - $ 286/260 Euros
4 WEEKS - $ 458/440 Euros
6 WEEKS - $ 658/592 Euros
8 WEEKS - $ 727/650 Euros
10 WEEKS - $ 902/810 Euros
12 WEEKS - $ 1009/905 Euros

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pick Up/Drop Off
Social Activities

Our location is not in your typical traveler route, these areas have a deep local history and culture. The culture is dominated buy Zulu speaking communities that are proud of the culture and traditions. Volunteers are immersed in the Zulu culture and tradition throughout their stay. We prefer volunteers that are open minded, respectful and are willing to work as a team towards the betterment of the centers.

We provide a stable family environment and are supportive towards our volunteers. We guide you in dealing with culture shock and how to navigate in your new environment whilst you are part of our family structure.

Every Friday we travel to exciting locations around South Africa so we experience backpacking to places like the Drakensberg Mountains, Lesotho, where we hike and enjoy the Basotho culture. Other locations are Johannesburg/Soweto, Kruger National Park,Mozambique, Kwa-Zulu/St.Lucia and Hluhluwe Game Reserve,Wild Coast, Garden Route and Cape Town. All these roadtrips are include hostels and food.

Contact Person

G120 nokhenke road, Durban, South Africa.

Additional Info about Us

10 to 20 people

Send us your CV and we will contact you to discuss our program.

Volunteer & Travel offers a very unique and authentic experience to those who wish to explore South Africa while also being part of its diverse culture. We travel and stay in communities that are not always in the mainstream for tourists. Volunteering and giving time to organizations that are part of the community allows travelers an opportunity to immerse themselves in our culture. Our volunteer programs are short term and long term. Plus, we provide hostel/backpacker accommodation within the community.

Our expeditions are in 7 seater SUVs, ready for adventure. There is also a backpacking feel to it even though we stay in great hostels, backpackers, lodges and sometimes camping sites. There is always the reassurance of travelling with a local but with the freedom to explore each place on your own or with the group.

We are committed to giving and supporting the communities we work and live. Volunteer & Travel is founded on principles of dignity and respect for the environment and the people we wish to empower. Integration and immersing volunteers in these communities vital, even more meaningful than handing out gifts and then leaving.