Grand Tanzanian Love

Arusha, Tanzania, Africa
We effectively and strongly assisting in the provision of education and healthcare services through volunteer work with the focus of reducing poverty in Tanzania

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work
Conservation Work
Social Work

What We Need

We create volunteer and internship programs for the globally-minded seeking meaningful experiences.

With us there is vast opportunities to learn and contribute.

Participants can either be a student, a professional, or a retiree .

Areas of concentrations: Teaching, Agriculture,Health, Processing Industry, Social services.

Healthcare services: Nurses and Doctors (interns and volunteers) to work who are willing to work at small hospital and big hospital

Education: teaching kindergarten kids, teaching primary school and secondary school

Agriculture work: work alongside local farmers or local agriculture companies especially sharing the mordern faming methods

Social work: volunteers work with children with disabilities, street children, adults with addictions and different assigned groups such as the one who have been laid off(with unemployment), a group of divorced ladies.
Generally volunteers who belong to Direct-service social workers and Clinical social workers


When & Who

Yes, we require a minimum of 1 Week
Duration of stay can be fine tuned based on interns or volunteers needs, from something between 1 week to 24 weeks. Maximum duration as per our Govt laws is normally six months
Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups, Retirees

What we Provide

Types: Homestay, Volunteer House

GTL have houses dedicated for accomodating only voluntees, these houses can accomodate up to 35 volunteers at once and are equiped with house workers who are responsible for cleanliness and other duties as assigned by coordinator.

In host family volunteers will have their own rooms.
Our cordinator visit host families frequently.

Types: Variety, Accommodate Dietary Restrictions

we provide different kinds of meals which are suitable for both veg and non veg.

Participants will be exposed to variety of meals at day 1 and be able to identfy their meals of preference
we provide different kinds of meals which are suitable for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Participants will be exposed to variety of meals at day 1 and be able to identify their meals of preference

Breakfast and dinner is compulsory during weekdays
during weekend lunch is provided as well.

If the participant would like to have lunch during weekdays, we will make arrangement but one should expect a little extra charges

Hot Water
First Aid
Local SIM Card
Hospital Transport

Our Fees

$25 daily

Advice and support before arrival
--Airport Pickup and Drop off(two way transport)
--2 Meals per day
--Orientation Upon Arrival
--Local sim card(pre-paid)
--Volunteer Work Placement
--Coordinators are available to provide support and guidance 24/7

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pretrip Assistance
Pick Up/Drop Off

Pretrip Assistance
We provide a well coordinated orientation which will act as a very important tool for seamless migration into new culture, new language, new environment.
Our orientation will also provides some tips and guidelines about the organization where participant(s) is placed.

our team help participant to plan their trip step by step from the point we receive the application up to the point we pick him/her from the airport. Among other things participants will be advised about flights, best flights timing, best flight destination
----No extra fees

Pick Up / Drop off
Participants will be picked on arrival and dropped on departure. No extra cost for this service.

Our staff wearing the t-shirt displaying organization name and holding big paper displaying Grand Tanzanian Love will be waiting for our guest at the airport.

No pick up or drop off as far placement area is concerned, we normally place our volunteer such that placement area is normally nearby the volunteer house/ host family

During orientation day, our staffs will teach the basic swahili words, go around the town with participants, participants will be shown the important/key places such local markets, worship houses, shopping malls etc
--No extra fee
If participant is interested in mounting climbing or visiting our national parks
We can arrange for this but the cost depend on the type of trip: day-trip, long safaris or mountain climbing
generally during weekends or after completion of program we always organize for trips to national parks or mountain climbing (Mt Kilimanjaro / Mt Meru)

Contact Person

Sarah Augustino Kwayson
Mlimani Street ACC/MUR/MLI/225 Arusha-Tanzania, Arusha, Tanzania.
90% response rate , 67 hour(s) response time.

Other Ways to support us

preparing traditional dishes, How to commmunicate with locals, How to intergrate with locals

Traditional dishes
We have a selected list of dishes which participants will be taught on how to prepare them.
we have a dedicated kitchen rooms which can accommodate a couple of participants at once

Communication with locals
Participants will be taught the basic language skills which will be very handy for communicating with the locals
Also will given tips and tricks on how quickly understand the local society and easily integrate with them.

N.B no extra charges will paused to our participants

very basic hospital apparatus/appliances such as syringe pump,thermometer,weighing scale,blood presure monitor etc for supporting hospitals accross Tanzania

Rubber, Pencils,Pens,Mathematics books etc for school children accross Tanzania.

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

1-Evaluating program standards
our staffs perform assessment per intake at three main areas
(i)organization where participants are placed
(ii) Our Hostels&Host family services
(iii)Events and trips organized for new culture experience

2- Providing a consultation to our applicants
3- Setting processes and systems to gear GTLV to reach its vision
4-Bridging our participants with local society
5-Close supervision of our programs & other Professional duties based on staff's area of concentration


We focus on placing committed volunteers with carefully selected organizations & institutions so their skills generate the greatest value.

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