Great Baikal Trail Non-Profit Organization

Irkutsk, Russia, Europe
We develope ecotourism around Lake Baikal and cultivate a socially-responsible society through the organization of volunteer and educational projects.

Volunteering Activities

Conservation Work

What We Need

We need volunteers in the office to help with translation, publicity, consulting, strategic planning and more activities.

During the summer, we have volunteer projects to build and maintain trails around Lake Baikal. Volunteers spend 6 hours a day, 5 days a week out in the Taiga forest along Lake Baikal working with others from all around the world.

Volunteers can also take part in education activities to teach local communities and tourists about conservation and sustainable tourism.

Project languages: English, Russian

When & Who

All year, especially during the summer (June, July, August)
2 weeks

What we Provide


We provide interpreting, camping gear, food, coordination, visits to local attractions.


Our Fees

No fees

20,000-25,000 rubles.

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Contact Person

7 Lenin St. Irkutsk, Russia 664025, Irkutsk, Russia.

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

Great Baikal Trail is dedicated to the preservation of Siberia's Lake Baikal, the oldest and deepest lake in the world. The lake contains one fifth of all of the world's fresh water and is home to hundreds of endemic terrestrial and aquatic species that truly make Baikal and the surrounding taiga forest a unique place. The most famous of these creatures is the Baikal seal, one of the world's few freshwater seal species.

Great Baikal Trail's focus is on the development of ecotourism in the region in order to provide Baikal communities with an alternative to mass tourism and destructive logging or industrial activities while preserving unique ecosystems and wildlife. GBT carries out its work with the help of Russian and international volunteers who spend their summer building and maintaining nature trails while teaching youngsters and local communities about the environment and benefits of sustainable tourism.

Volunteers get to work on a trail crew out in nature with Russian and other volunteers from all over the world while interacting with local children and their families and visiting attractions around Lake Baikal. Each trail crew receives an experienced trail builder and interpreter to facilitate communication and teach about the forest, lake and local communities.

Since 2003, thousands of volunteers have participated in hundreds of projects to develop trails and contribute to a more socially and environmentally sustainable form of tourism for the region.