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KAMPALA, Uganda, Africa

Hands of Grace Africa is supported by many volunteers who are an essential part of our team! The commitment and hard work of our volunteers have played a key role in achieving our positive impact. Volunteering with us offers an opportunity to make a difference in a local community while discovering

Hands of Grace Africa is registered as a non- profit making organization. It was formed by the vision of Kulaba Geoffrey and later joined by Mukisa Ronald. Hands of Grace Africa works with orphans, street children and widows, within three Districts i.e. Jinja, Bugiri and Kamuli. Hands of Grace Africa started in Jinja District and later extended to Bugiri then later to Kamuli. It was started due to the need to save lives of the children and the widows which is growing day by day. Hands of Grace Africa main offices are located in a semi urban area in Jinja District.

We believe that children and widows need to be given priority and focus. Through sponsorships we are able to take children back to school and provide them a home where they can have peace and joy to live a healthy, spiritual and happy life again. The Bible rightly admonishes to “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it”(Proverbs 22:6). That is why Hands Of Grace Africa has come up with many projects which are to help the widows to bring up their children in a right way and sustain their families.

The Vision of the organization is “to look forward to changing the many lives of the orphans and widows out there, to a happier life”. On addition to the vision, its Mission
is to create a better life for the orphans and widows.


Child support
Medical support to the needy
Women empowerment
Youth empowerment
School programs
Poverty alleviation

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School Program

In this program we move to schools and have a counseling session, encouragements, uplifting their talents and life skill teachings to the studies. The Bible rightly admonishes to “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” (proverbs 22:6). In doing so we believe that we shall bring up a new generation which will change Africa.

Town Teaching

Are you enthusiastic about early childhood development? Do you love kids and want to teach them about the world? Our partner works with four private primary and secondary schools that cater exclusively to the education, housing and feeding of needy children and orphans. However, local education is largely rote learning. Come and feed their hungry little brains!

Volunteers are involved in academics, arts and crafts, structured play, music/singing, sports, and public health. The main focus is to provide children with a loving, creative, interactive environment in which to flourish. Volunteers choose which subjects and age groups to teach upon arrival. They work independently to plan lessons using government curriculum and textbooks. Please be aware that kids come with only pencils and exercise books. Bring any further tools or materials you wish to use.

No teaching qualifications are required although volunteers should be reliable, organized and creative.

Bring your hat, gloves, sunscreen and bug spray!

We welcome people who would like to come and volunteer with us from all over the world and also we will appreciate those who would like to be friends, life time members or who would like to sponsor a child or project. We shall be grateful to work with you.

Medical support

In Africa most especially in the rural areas most people cannot afford medical expenses and they end up using traditional drugs which at times may fail to work this is why in this way we introduced a program of going to communities and giving treatments to people with in the communities. In this program we carry out dental treatment, blood checkups and blood donations and other treatments as we can afford.

Public Health Improvement

Are you a confident speaker? Can you communicate important information in creative ways? Do you want to learn the reality on the ground regarding public health in Uganda? In this project, volunteers work alongside local counselors and health care professionals, in a variety of programs designed to help Ugandans stay healthy and make good decisions about their health care.

Volunteers talk to people in village meetings, private homes, and churches. They design seminars based on subjects that can include household hygiene, malaria prevention, safe sex, HIV prevention and AIDS care, substance abuse, domestic violence, etc. Basic training and educational materials are on site, but volunteers are encouraged to bring new materials as well.

Youth empowermentIntiatives
Women empowerment
Village Teaching and Outreach
Remote Orphan Care


What We Provide


From the &2500 per month you pay we provide you with Meals,Accommodation, pickup transport from the air port, culture and community Training and administration fee.
if you are not going to stay for a month or more then a month you can email me and we talk we are flexible. email me at: mukisaronaldjoseph@yahoo.com

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Any period of time

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Up to 5 people



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