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Happy Toes Permaculture Project

Groot Marico, South Africa, Africa
Happy Toes is a Permaculture Project and grassroots lifestyle training centre.

Human Rights

All Permaculture related work.

All the time


We provide basic rustic accommodation and use of facilities.

R350 per week to cover your own food costs, whatever comes out the gardens we share.


We are a dynamic farm project, comprising a research and training Centre and an organic farm retreat.

We are dedicated to researching, implementing and teaching Permaculture, sustainable agriculture and related "earth first" techniques combining Organic Gardening, Animal Rotation Systems, Natural Building and Community Development.

Our focus is on integrated and "whole systems" designs with the intention of inspiring others to design and live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives… for ourselves.. our communities.. and our beautiful planet.

Up to 5 people

Groot Marico South Africa, Groot Marico, South Africa.

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