We have a unique role to play in the lives of the deprived in rural communities.

Ho, Ghana, Africa

HCDP GHANA is a registered and recognized non-governmental project and volunteer organization. It was incorporated under Act 179 at the Registrar General’s Department in Accra, Ghana. Registration number G.32, 619.

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Anku Richard Effe
P. O. Box HP 457, Ho, Ghana.
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All staff and directors of HCDP GHANA are well train to give out their best and see to it that projects are carry out in the right order and direction, more so there is also a policy to always check on volunteer or volunteers to see how work is going on with them.

In 2009, Anku Richard Effe founded Humanity and Community Development Projects HCDP GHANA. He founded this NGO due to his passion in promoting humanitarian and community advancement in rural communities, recognizing the need for education, health and community development. HCDP GHANA's mission is to make available comprehensive support services. With this in mind, the organisation is based in Ho municipality, but works with other municipalities and districts in the Volta Region.

Since it started six years ago, the organization has grown considerably in both size and scope. Today, HCDP GHANA’s team includes 6 members from local and international fields. It has deepened its experience in education, sanitation, and the development sector, focusing on rural communities.

HCDP GHANA seeks to establish partnerships with local communities and other international NGOs to carry out research. This research helps elucidate community needs and facilitates community based development that is sustainable, ethical, and inclusive. HCDP GHANA seeks to gather the information necessary to empower a community to develop from within, based on self-determined need and other developmental agendas.

CDP GHANA aspires to be a reference organization, reputed for the clinical and effective execution of development projects in deserving communities in Ghana, which positively affects the livelihoods of the beneficiary communities.

Values shape an organization and make it committed to delivering upon its core mandate. At HCDP GHANA, we pride ourselves with the SIDE advantage that sets us apart from other pro-development NGOs and non-profits.

The aims and objectives of the HCDP GHANA is to open the awareness of rural people of their own potentials and capabilities to identify and foster their own developmental needs and initiatives. And to help them take up these initiatives, the HCDP GHANA shall help promote modern scientific education, knowledgeable healthcare and better community lives.

The major objective of the HCDP GHANA is to:

To provide computer centre’s in rural communities with effective and applicable training to access knowledge and wisdom from the worlds within and without;

To help with developmental projects in rural communities so as to develop from within.

To help provide for the less privileged better community live in the rural communities in the Volta Region of Ghana.

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