Gurugu, Ghana, Africa
We are a christian charity organization with the aim to empower women in northern Ghana

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work
Faith and Wellness
Women Empowerment

What We Need

We are in need of volunteers or interns to help carry out our women empowerment projects.

Currently we have heart4women project which aims to empower women by setting up businesses to help them become independent economically. Part of the project is to train the women about the basics of doing business, supporting them with microfinancing loan, and giving them pastoral care so that they will be able to do business according to the concept of business as mission.

End 2019 we would like to start working towards Moringa4Women project. Our aim is to set op women cooperatives in farming organic Moringa for export. Volunteers are needed to help raise funds for this project and to help organise and coordinate the project.

A third project for women is to set up a workshop or training centre for women to learn skills like, weaving, sowing, fabric printing, soap and pommid making, etc. These women will be trained in the centre and their products would be sold to expats, and the local market. Volunteers are needed to help set up this project= building the structure, recruiting women and trainers.

When & Who

Volunteers are needed throughout the year. At the time of application we will determine where the applicant would suit best.
Yes, we require a minimum of 3 Months
Volunteers may stay a minimum of three months and a maximum of 6 months.
Individuals, Family with Kids

What we Provide

Types: Homestay, Volunteer House, Other

Other: Bed & Breakfast

Types: Variety

When in homestay breakfast and diner are included.
When in volunteer house meals are not provided. Volunteers cook their own meals.
When in B&B only breakfast is included.

First Aid
Welcome Kit
Local SIM Card
Hospital Transport
Purified Drinking Water

Our Fees

$5 daily
$550 One-time

One-time fees:
- $120 donation
- $50 preparation + training before arrival
- $380 3/4 days introduction incl. all meals, overnight stay at B&B, language lessons, culture lessons, workshop, visit project(s), visit host family / volunteer house, 24/7 emergency response, etc.

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pretrip Assistance
Pick Up/Drop Off
Social Activities

Volunteers will be picked up from the Tamale bus terminal or Tamale airport.

The One-time fee consist of three parts.
Part 1 is spent on a thorough preparation before departure. Included are the online information meetings, extensive advice regarding preparation of your trip, assistance with visa application. Administration and transaction costs are also included here.

Part 2 is spent on the coaching during your stay in Ghana, like the introduction days, transport costs, support at the project by a personal buddy, 24/7 availability of Team Ghana for questions and emergencies, salary of local employees and other local costs to make your stay possible. The selection, supervision and evaluation of the project partners and host families with whom we work together are also included.

Part 3 is spent on project costs and donations. Team NL monitors the quality and integrity of the projects in Ghana and monitors the spending of donations. Donations are managed by Heart4Ghana and allocated in proportion to the different projects. We want to prevent an unequal relationship between you and the local community. Your commitment as a volunteer, however, is meant to learn from the local community and exchange knowledge on the basis of equality. If you want to donate extra to a specific project, you can do so through Heart4Ghana Foundation. We will make sure it is spent in a responsible manner.

Introduction program overview:
Day 1: introduction to Tamale town; market, bank, culture cente
Day 2: introduction to local language and culture; do’s and don’ts in Dagoma culture.
Day 3: introduction to workplace and host family; expressing expectations from both parties.
Day 4: extended day when needed
During the introduction days all meals are included and you will stay in the Heart4Ghana Bed&Breakfast. All costs are included in the one-time fee (no additional costs required).

Contact Person

Renalda Dijkhuizen
Education Ridge Road, Gurugu, Ghana.

Other Ways to support us

All in one printer
Four wheel drive pick-up

Funds for the moringa4women project:
- mechanic dryer
- mechanic grinder
- drainage system/ well + water pomp
- moringa seeds
- processing plant

Funds for women training centre

- sustainable building materials
- raining supplies
- sewing machines
- die and fabrics

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

The NGO has one permanent staff member who is the director/founder of the organisation.
In addition there are daily workers (freelance base): trainers, language teacher, health programs coordinator.


Heart4Ghana applies the following criteria for responsible and sustainable tourism:

• Contributing to the local economy and prosperity; stimulating local entrepreneurship in (volun)tourist activities;
• Contributing to good employment practices; fair salaries, no distinction in religion and / or gender;
• Involving local communities and other local stakeholders in decision-making and management of (volun)tourism activities in their area;
• Avoiding exploitation; protect the quality of life of local communities;
• Respecting the cultural identity, traditions and cultural history of the local communities; by using local accommodation for visitors such as host families or local housing; respect for local dressings; respect for local standards and values;
• Respecting biological wealth, flora, fauna and their habitats;
• Minimizing the pollution of water and soil; through careful waste separation and economical handling of scarcity of natural resources such as water and wood;
• Small scaling; no more than 2 volunteers per project or village; excursions have a maximum of 6 participants; group tours have no more than 10 participants.

Heart4Ghana's activities will focus primarily on preserving local cultures and protecting human rights. In organizing sustainable (volun)tourism, we think it’s important to keep all activities on a small scale. In addition, we find it extremely important that knowledge is shared on the basis of equality and not unilaterally imposed. We think it's logical to use the knowledge and skills of the local community so that they can inspire our travelers for life!

Mission and vision
Our mission is to achieve sustainable and responsible development cooperation in the north of Ghana based on a Christian attitude to life.

The Heart4Ghana Foundation has an honest and sustainable cooperation with local partners in mind, whereby the use of local knowledge and skills will be used to achieve social, economic and missionary goals.

It also wants to inspire its visitors (volunteers, trainees, travelers, etc.) by sharing this local knowledge and experiences and coaching them in applying this in their own lives. In addition, it wants to encourage them to participate in the local and cultural customs of the region in order to achieve integrated and responsible cooperation.

All activities of the Heat4Ghana NGO must be aimed to empower (small) entrepreneurs in the region. The Heart4Ghana NGO will also ensure that local employees working on local projects receive a fair and competitive salary.

Heart4Ghana’s objective is on the one hand to empower women in the northern parts of Ghana by setting up small scale businesses and women farmers cooperatives and in addition the NGO wants to engage into a sustainable and responsible cooperation with partner organisations, assisting them in realizing their social, economic and/or missionary objectives and by carrying out all further activities, which are in the broadest sense related or conducive to this.

The Heart4Ghana NGO tries to achieve its goal by:
- engaging into intensive cooperation with Heart4Ghana Foundation (registered in The Netherlands) and other partner organizations in Northern Ghana;
- setting up, implementing and monitoring the Heart4Women sponsorship program and microfinance for Northern Ghanaian women;
- the use of (professional) volunteers and / or interns to support local projects;
- financially and / or materially support Heart4Ghana's social projects so that they can grow to their full potential;
- overseeing project donations from visitors (volunteers, trainees, travelers) in a sustainable and responsible manner.