Gurugu, Ghana, Africa
We are a christian charity organization with the aim to empower women in northern Ghana

Online Volunteering

Below is a list of online tasks we would love help with!
Content Writing
Write English posts for our Facebook page Ongoing
Content Writing
Write a funding grant proposal 10 - 15 hours
Video Creation
Create a fundraising video 20 - 30 hours

Contact Person

Renalda Dijkhuizen
Education Ridge Road, Gurugu, Ghana.

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Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

The NGO has one permanent staff member who is the director/founder of the organisation.
In addition there are daily workers (freelance base): trainers, language teacher, health programs coordinator.

Mission and vision
Our mission is to achieve sustainable and responsible development cooperation in the north of Ghana based on a Christian attitude to life.

The Heart4Ghana Foundation has an honest and sustainable cooperation with local partners in mind, whereby the use of local knowledge and skills will be used to achieve social, economic and missionary goals.

It also wants to inspire its visitors (volunteers, trainees, travelers, etc.) by sharing this local knowledge and experiences and coaching them in applying this in their own lives. In addition, it wants to encourage them to participate in the local and cultural customs of the region in order to achieve integrated and responsible cooperation.

All activities of the Heat4Ghana NGO must be aimed to empower (small) entrepreneurs in the region. The Heart4Ghana NGO will also ensure that local employees working on local projects receive a fair and competitive salary.

Heart4Ghana’s objective is on the one hand to empower women in the northern parts of Ghana by setting up small scale businesses and women farmers cooperatives and in addition the NGO wants to engage into a sustainable and responsible cooperation with partner organisations, assisting them in realizing their social, economic and/or missionary objectives and by carrying out all further activities, which are in the broadest sense related or conducive to this.

The Heart4Ghana NGO tries to achieve its goal by:
- engaging into intensive cooperation with Heart4Ghana Foundation (registered in The Netherlands) and other partner organizations in Northern Ghana;
- setting up, implementing and monitoring the Heart4Women sponsorship program and microfinance for Northern Ghanaian women;
- the use of (professional) volunteers and / or interns to support local projects;
- financially and / or materially support Heart4Ghana's social projects so that they can grow to their full potential;
- overseeing project donations from visitors (volunteers, trainees, travelers) in a sustainable and responsible manner.