Here's life (HL) C.B.O is a registered Community Based Organization which is committed to developing, initiating and executing of personalized livelihood and support programs to those affected and infected with HIV and AIDS within Mathare and Soweto slums

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Due to lack of proper education amongst the community of Mathare Slums in Nairobi County, illiteracy and poverty level increased tremendously. Here is Life CBO saw the need of establishing an Educational support Project to bring light in the form of knowledge and education to the vast slum of Mathare. This project supports needy children with an opportunity to access education, by providing them with school fees, uniforms, all inclusive. It is important to note that in a bid to change the life of the orphans and vulnerable children in slums; educational support has to be ensured while packaging the components of this project.

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Starting August 2019
Yes, we require a minimum of 3 Months
Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups, Disabled

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10955 - 00100, NAIROBI, Kenya.

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1. Food
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5 to 10 people

2. Background
It is estimated that there were 2.6 million OVC in Kenya in 2012, of whom 1.8 million were orphans and 750,000 were vulnerable. Among orphans, 15% were double orphans. Over one-third of all the OVC were aged between 10 and 14 years. Households with ≥1 OVC (12% of all households) were usually in the lowest 2 wealth quintiles, and 22% of OVC households had experienced moderate or severe hunger. Receipt of OVC support services was low for medical (3.7%), psychological (4.1%), social (1.3%), and material support (6.2%); educational support was slightly more common (11.5%). Orphan hood among children aged <15 years increased from 1993 to 2003 (P < 0.01) but declined from 2003 to 2012 (P < 0.01) .

Here is life (HL) C.B.O is a registered Community Based Organization which is committed to developing, initiating and executing of personalized livelihood and support programs to those affected and infected with HIV and AIDS within Mathare and Soweto slums. Here’s life was registered in 2012 and began operations in 2013. Here’s Life CBO is located in Mathare slums three kilometers out of Nairobi CBD. It is one of the largest slums surrounding Nairobi County with a population estimate of over 262,131 and Embakasi east has a population estimate of 222,072

Since 2013 Here’s CBO has grown financially from Three million Kenya shillings to about fifteen million Kenya shillings. A majority of the funding has been from Individuals, Go Philanthropic, Limited Companies and In-Kind from the community this enabled Here is Life to manage the deficit although not 100%. The budget has been steady with an increment of about 50% each year since 2013 but the deficit has been managed through our partners.

Currently we anticipate a growth of 30% in 2019 making our budget grow to over Ksh 23 million against available funding of Ksh 5 million that is promised. Here is Life would be glad for additional funds to carry out the following activities during the year 2019.

Education Support: Here is Life runs two centers namely Ngota Upendo School in Mathare and Emmanuel learning center in Soweto. The centers support needy children with an opportunity to access education. Emmanuel learning center has about 70 children and Ngota Upendo School has 165 children. The children are either affected or infected with HIV/AIDs and some are orphan or vulnerable children (OVCs). These Children cannot afford meals at home or the additional cost associated with the free primary education in government schools. We provide free sanitary towels to girls every month, offer nutritious porridge at break time and meals for lunch and supper every day. In addition a follow up home visit is usually done for the children affected or infected with HIV and AIDs every month.

Health Care Support: Here is life provides home based care and other services to 800 households which includes 450 children. Health care support is also provided in the two learning centers for the children. The care support is usually offered through a number of medical practitioners and community health workers volunteers. Most of other critical health care are usually referred to Lions health center Mathare where Here’s Life has a contractual agreement. Here’s Life creates awareness and sensitize the community on health matters of great concern to their wellbeing. In our outreach programs, we go door to door to provide information on health programs such as free medical camps or clinics, Nutritional support t

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