High himalayan community project Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal, South Asia
To empower and help to overcome poverty in marginalised communities by building sustainable locally driven programs that will improve the quality of life through advancing education, health and sanitation and innovative projects.

Volunteering Activities

Human Rights Work
Web Work
Women Empowerment

What We Need

Nepal is an underdeveloped and land-locked country
and known as the least developed country in the
world. Majority of people lived in the remote and
rural areas. Their way of living is not affected by
modern development in the field of community
development. They are living in traditional way do
not feel the necessity of education health etc. for sustainable improvement of their own
condition of the community. The Government of Nepal have not developed sufficient
schools, hospital and health post to the remote areas people, so people have to go on foot
to the schools, hospital and health post, it takes couple of hours to reach there because of
inadequate school, health and transportation services . Therefore High Himalayan
community project Nepal has begun to implement a variety of programs that seek to
address the root causes of rural communities of Nepal.
From the inception of our programs, we have believed that a true and durable solution to
the problems of the rural communities that face can only come from themselves.
High Himalayan community project Nepal is a Nepali-based non-governmental
organization (NGO) dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable mountain
communities through programs that emphasize advocacy, education, skill development,
promoting village tourism and empowering local communities thorough international volunteering program.


When & Who

We need volunteers any time of the year.
Yes, we require a minimum of 4 Days
It depends on volunteers interest and their available time.
Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups, Retirees

What we Provide

Types: Homestay

2 person sharing room, toilet and shower outside of room.

Types: Vegetarian

Organic vegetables and rice twice a day from remote village style. If you want to eat eggs, meat and fruits also possible.

Hot Water
Local SIM Card
Purified Drinking Water

Our Fees

$5 daily

Volunteering is always free in our charity. Volunteers do not need to pay any fee. Transportation to go to village and come back by bus or private Jeep you can choose and pay yourself. bus fare $5/person one way and private jeep $100.

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pick Up/Drop Off
Social Activities

We will help to arrange everything to the volunteers as they need like as day hiking, cultural tours, trekking, to find transport, translating language and many more.

Contact Person

Harikrishna Devkota
Bhagawanbahal marga, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Other Ways to support us

Teaching, farming, gardening, nursing, power point presentation, trees planting etc

In November 2015 we organised a clothes distribution in the area that was hit by the earthquake. 5 young volunteers from France and Switzerland brought in their collected items which were brought up to Ghormu together with a bigger amount from Australia. Andreas from Switzerland shares his experience of this day:

“Having a lot of clothes you don’t wear anymore isn’t usually the reason for a special excitement. Having them with you in a remote village of Nepal definitely changes this circumstance. When we arrived in Kathmandu we were fully packed with bags and backpacks filled to a certain amount with clothes to give. In the Rasuwa district we found a village to look for new owners for them. After a walk of 3 hours on a street that was partly destroyed by landslides we arrived at the school of Ghormu, rebuilt with some galvanised iron after the big earthquake. It’s lying on top of a tree covered hill, offside any other houses and it’s the destination of many children of the surrounding area who often have to walk there for more than an hour. Even the teacher himself has his 3 hours forth and back to bear each day. We were warmly welcomed by a nice potato meal. After this the collected clothes were laid out on a large tarpaulin and we started to sort them by size. The people surrounding us were mainly children and younger people. They were in a mood between curious and a bit shy, watching carefully what was going on. Children got a first go with our girls choosing some matching pieces for them with a lovely accuracy. As none of the teenagers and young adults was tall at all it became more challenging to find a match for them with adult clothes. Nevertheless we gave it a try and found many happy recipients there – sometimes after funny moments of seeing them with a way too large piece tried on.”

Books and educational materials.
Sports items
computers and printers

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

office work, volunteers management, email replying, day to day works, communication, visit project area etc.


We will help for volunteers to make all arrangements according to their needs.

Yes, some time change but normally we do have pre-scheduled programs and projects.

Our mission is to encourage and invite international donors, volunteers, and friends to contribute in the rural Himalayan community development, and nature conservation activities of the Himalayan people through work camps, village tourism promotion, village-based programs, and international volunteers promote mutual friendship and solidarity. In addition, to enriching their own experiences and making meaningful contribution to Himalayan Communities, we offer significant abroad opportunities for volunteers to boost significant knowledge, experience and expertise in education, health, conservation, Information technology and community development issues through international volunteering and donation. We hope to achieve this goal by offering community orientated volunteer programs where the efforts of our volunteers go directly to the underprivileged people and their communities.

Our Fields for Action

High Himalayan community welfare projects area of facilitation include the task from Project Identification, Local’s Mobilization, Liaison with Governmental & International Authorities, Necessary Resources Management etc. which exhilarate the following areas of work:
All travel and tourism related sector
Education sector
Health sector
IT sector
Agriculture sector
Conservation sector
Skill Development and rural women empowerment sector
Cultural and Heritage Preservation sector
Development of Sustainable Village Tourism
Volunteer mobilization sector