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Himalayan Media Welfare Society

Gorubathan / Kalimpong , India, South Asia
Himalayan Media Welfare Society (HiMWeS) is a small community based grassroots, non-profit government registered organisation, working for the underprivileged children and the society since its inception in the year 2007.


Volunteers may help children home work and even help them to understand lesson more clearly i.e. teaching them about health and hygiene (sanitation)
*Telling them about the different issues of life that may be troubling them.
*Providing moral teaching to live life with dignity.
*Dealing children concerning about their mental and psychological status.
*If willing volunteers can provide study materials if any.
*Teaching them to converse in English so they may be able to excel their study.
*Volunteers may also help the children by teaching them other subjects like,basic science,geography,maths,history,computer etc.
*Volunteers can help them in singing, dancing, drawing, painting and playing.
*Volunteers can help the children for their family as well.
*Volunteers may help the community with the help of these children to aware about Human Trafficking,Child labour,Education,health & Hygiene and environmental issues.
Himalayan Media Welfare Society does not work alone ,we have some underprivileged partner school and hostel in the society which are always in need of International volunteers.

Any Time

We request and encourage our volunteers to spend atleast 3 weeks with our projects.


HiMWeS Home Stay will provide three times food and Accommodation to the Volunteers and they will have to pay US $ 15 only per head per day (US $ 105 weekly).
Airport pick up and drop off US $ 100

HiMWeS does not charge any program fees from the Volunteers.


Social Media Help
Grant Writing


We are urgently looking for Online Volunteers for Six Months to one year who can help to raise FUNDS to build Day Care Center for the underprivileged Children and Shelter Home / Hostel for the underprivileged Girls / Women etc.

HiMWeS is currently running Day Care Centres ,Helping Partner School /Hostel and Awareness program

Day Care Program:
This project aims to help the poor children of inaccessible areas; we give free tutorial classes to them and other scholastic needs, like books, copies, pens, pencils etc. During week days, to make the class interesting the volunteer tutor will tell those stories with good moral and lesson. For refreshment we sometimes provide choreography training, art competitions, games, sing songs etc., to the children. The parents of these children are mostly daily wages and tea garden labourers but some children are semi orphans, orphans and some are living with their grandparents & relatives.
We use to celebrate their birthdays, and give them small gifts. We also help them with any sickness because we value their health. We are trying to provide them clothing and other supplies, as well.

The distressing matter is that their parents and guardians are not able to send their children in a good school. These children are good in studies and we deeply desire to provide more facilities and opportunities to these underprivileged children; but, due to a lack of funds, we are struggling to build their futures. Our mission is to give them good educations in good schools so that they may become a better citizen of tomorrow.

These programmes are in fact running by the contribution of our members and few well wishers.

Education and Counselling to the Underprivileged School and Hostel:

HMWS is helping to Partner School and Hostel to educate and counsel to the underprivileged children (Boys and Girls)

Awareness Program:

The organisation is currently running awareness programmes on HIV/AIDS, Human Trafficking, Child Labour and Drug Addiction which are the present burning problems of our society. These problems are not only taking lives of both innocent and guilty people but have killed the morality and humanity of our society and culture. That is why our organisation is trying the best to save our integrity for the future generation of our society.
Although we may not be able to eradicate these problems totally, but can minimize them for a certain extent.
We also conduct general Health check up & provide health education to the School’s children as well as to the communities.
In our community some are educated and some are not, they have diverse thoughts and views so in order to unite and educate them we conduct such programmes.

Up to 5 people

Gorubathan,District Kalimpong,Near Darjeeling,West Bengal,INDIA, Gorubathan / Kalimpong, India.

Gorubathan is a foothill of Darjeeling and it is a very nice place for eco toursim as well.In the weekend volunteers can visit different places of Gorubathan and they also can go to proper Darjeeling,Kalimpong and Sikkim.

W.B Govt.Regd.No. S/1L/52890

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