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Himalayan Volunteering Opportunities

Garhwal, India, South Asia

Himalayan volunteering opportunities is all about learning about other cultures and sharing your love and affection.

What We Need

We look for several sets of skills and qualification with or without previous experience and qualifications. We are flexible as per your interest. If you interested, please discuss with us by writing to us at godiyal83@gmail.com or Skype with us at naveen.godiyal3 OR WhatsApp at +917055460851

When & Who

All year round. Anyone can apply at any times of the year.
Yes, we require a minimum of 1 month
Although we could host people for 1 week also but we would prefer someone staying atleast 3-4 weeks
Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups

What we Provide

Basic meals would be provided in the local homestay. The meal consists of regular food that is rice, chapati, daal, vegetables and of course tea. Since the food in mountains is simple so please don't expect a crafted meal. Although there are shops nearby where you can buy fruits, snacks and other edibles.

Our Fees


a small contribution toward your 3 meals is appreciated as it will help the local communities.

Contact Person

Himalayan volunteering opportunities c/o My DIT, Suman Marg, ITI Road, Barkot, Uttarakhand 249141, Garhwal, India.
95% response rate , 78 hour(s) response time.

Other Ways to Help

please bring your family n friends pics, your childhood pics, laptop to work on. You can also bring school supplies with story books.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

For detailed information on our projects and others kindly log onto www.helpinhimalayas.com

We are a team of like-minded people who want to share our culture and life with people from other places. We started volunteer programs in the Himalayan region of Uttrakhand(north India). Our community is a perfect example which leave peacefully and in harmony with nature. We run a teach English volunteer program for the local children and youth in the mountains.

The local children/Youth do not have access to better educational opportunities in absence of trained teachers, learning resources, poor infrastructure, financial viability and many others. It is important for the children to learn English comprehension skills for a better future. The volunteers help children/Youth learn some basic English and communication skills to improve their confidence levels. A great opportunity for the people who travel for a cause.

You are most welcome to participate in our program !!

Naveen Godiyal
volunteeer coordinator
Himalayan volunteering opportunities, Barkot town(Uttrakhand)
Email: godiyal83@gmail.com, cc to - helpinhimalayas@gmail.com
Skype id: naveen.godiyal3
Contact us: +91-7055460851
Whats app: +91-7055460851
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/naveen.godiyal.18
"By education, I mean an all-round drawing of the best in child and man in body, mind, and spirit" --- MAHATMA GANDHI

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