Holy Heart Centre for abused women and children Malawi

Blantyre, Malawi, Africa
We are holy heart organization registered and working in malawi currentry we are working in major 3 districts of mslawi Blantyre Chikwawa and nsanje.we are an advocancy and a service provider organisation.

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work
Web Work

What We Need

educational skills
agricultural skills
gender equality skills
fundraising and marketing
child rights skills

When & Who

what you can do
we offer a lot of area where you can come and assist the community you want.

Administration , as a newly started NGO ,we always need volunteers to help and drive our organization, volunteers can help in the office ,writing , printing and writing proposals ,researching and marketing and fundraising.

Agricultural volunteers.
work in partnership with our farm clubs to assist with agricultural activities and provide training in improved farming methods.and also teach business skills such as business planning ,budget and marketing.

Awareness volunteers
volunteers will assist program staff with training and awareness activities on issues of gender based violence , abuse ,water sanitation , sexual health, child marriage prevention ,youth development and women empowerment.

Educational volunteers
we believe that teaching a person its when he / she is still young ,come and volunteer as a teacher you may asked to teach children general skills, measures they they can avoid abuse, child protection,dramas, sports, English and maths ,we will appreciate your work.
The duration will depend on the volunteer.

What we Provide


food and accommodation cost .
volunteer can choose the type of accommodation he/ she wants
we offer 3 meals per day,
home stay .


Our Fees

No fees

$5USD per day,/ $35usd per week / cost do not include flight ,visas ,vaccinations ,spending money ,pre -departure oriantation, 3 meals per day, home stay , local transport.

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Contact Person

Mrs Jamina mwatha
30159 blantyre, Blantyre, Malawi.

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

Holy heart of abused women and children is a local non-profit organization working in Malawi and we are currently in Blantyre and chikwawa district,southern of the country.Holy heart was established in 2014 to respond to needs and challenges affecting vulnerable communities in area of human rights in Malawi.we believe that for the someone to claim his/her rights not to be abused should be natured in and know of all principles of human rights,economic development, anti-discrimination and anti-abuse programs.our aim is to empower abused women and children and reduce their vulnerability exploitation and street kids in various cities of Malawi,engaging proper women and children friendly to HIV/AIDS services to abused women and children who are in crisis,to provide advocacy support to clients in their dealing with community agencies and services.
partnering with local, international and government organization,our programs focus on improving water,sanitation and healthcare,providing access to good quality education and community awareness and addressing food insecurities through rural agriculture development,while tackling climate change.
come and volunteer with holy heart and have a life changing experience,while making a difference in the lives of others! we welcome volunteers to assist with our education,water and sanitation,gender equality, HIV/AIDS and agricultural projects also fundraising and marketing.come and see what Malawian communities are doing ,contribute and interact with people in different cultures and gain an insight in the problems faced by people living in poverty.
we are looking a strong and active and hard working individuals above 18 year ,who can work without supervision and working in a team.as you will volunteering direct with us there is no middle man and administrative cost .we are proud to offer an affordable volunteer program where your money will go straight to the project and community where you will stay.

About Malawi, and Blantyre ,called a warm heart of Africa Malawi is a great place for volunteers - it has beautiful mountains and lakes where people from overseas come to see it, and also national game reserves.

Malawi is among the poorest country in the world poverty and inequality widespread .according to the world bank the half of population is poor,while others are in deep poverty. the majority of poor people are in low productivity subsistence farming .infant mortality is a problem with many children not making to five years,while life expectancy is 45.
Blantyre where holy heart is based is in the south part of Malawi and among the poorest regions in Malawi. Subsistence farmers struggle to feed their families because of prolonged dry spells,rainfall shortages and flooding .add to this a lack of access to education, water and sanitation, good practice of empowerment programs, and also high HIV /AIDS ,lack of gender equality and gender based violence programs .