Honduras Child Alliance

El Porvenir, Atlantida, Honduras, Central America
The Honduras Child Alliance provides educational enrichment and healthy living programs for children in El Porvenir, Honduras.

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What We Need

Volunteers teach English, computers, art, photography, sports, math, and so much more! We are looking for energetic and enthusiastic volunteers who are 20+ years. Our volunteers come from all over the world and we accept all levels of ability to speak Spanish and English. You will be helping operate programs mainly focused on elementary age children but we also work with teens and adults.

Classes are split into morning and afternoon sessions Monday-Thursday and also on Friday mornings. Morning classes are from 9-10:30 AM and afternoon classes are from 1:30-3:30 PM. Volunteers must arrive at least fifteen minutes early in order to set up the classroom and review the plan for the day.

Class schedule:

1. Free-Time
For 15 minutes, kids solve puzzles and memory games; build objects with blocks; play board games, cards, and dominos; and much more in order to get their minds “prepared” for learning and creativity.

2. Circle-Time
During this time, the children and volunteers sit on the floor in a circle. Everyone introduces themselves by saying their name and age (in English) and then answering a question of the day. For example, if the question of the day is “what is your favorite sport?”, a volunteer or student would reply “My name is _, I am _ years old, and mi deporte favorito es _ (or) my favorite sport is ____ .” Once everyone has introduced themselves, the children are asked to review the class rules about how we treat each other. Then, the plan of the day is explained before “changing the language” to English.

3. English Immersion
During this time, volunteers lead an activity (a game, vocabulary review, etc.) speaking only in English. We encourage volunteers to speak slowly and using big hand motions and exaggerated facial expressions in order for the children to understand what is being said to or asked of them. English Immersion is not a time to introduce new vocabulary to students, but rather to allow them to become familiar with hearing words in English and connecting the dots.

4. Snack

5. Spanish Literacy
The language is “changed” back to Spanish. This time is dedicated to students improving their ability to read and write in Spanish. Once a week, each class uses either tablets or computers to read books or practice typing. Some activities have included reading a book and having students act it out, or typing lists of household items.

6. Activity One/Two
Each activity lasts about 15-20 minutes. These activities are usually creative art projects, information on nutrition, an introduction or review of new vocabulary, field time, and much more; it all depends on the curriculum unit and primary lesson of the week. Morning classes only have one activity and afternoon classes have two.

7. Final Circle
During Final Circle, students are usually asked what was their favorite activity of the day, when the next class is, and at what time.

Each volunteer is assigned to lead one part of the class but all volunteers participate and assist in the full class as well as being responsible for bringing either the snack, kindles, computers, and/or other materials for each activity.

When & Who

There is a year round need for volunteers as we operate the regular programs during the school year (Feb-Nov) as well as a camp style program during the November through January Honduran school break.
Yes, we require a minimum of 6 Weeks
Most volunteers stay for 3-6 months but many stay up to a year. Ask about discounted housing fees for longer stays.
Individuals, Groups

What we Provide

Types: Volunteer House

There are two volunteer houses that are walking distance from the projects.

The cost is $42 a week ($6 a day) for the first 6 weeks and $35 a week ($5 a day) after that. If you are staying for 6+ months, rent can be further reduced.

Wifi & Satellite

Our Fees

$6 daily
$160 One-time

Upon acceptance to the program, there is a one-time donation of $160 USD. This is used for administrative purposes and to maintain the volunteer houses.

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pretrip Assistance
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Social Activities

Volunteers need to buy their own food, which is very inexpensive in the area (about $20-$25 a week).

Please be prepared to make your own travel arrangements to Honduras. Due to the volunteer nature of the program, HCA uses all funds to benefit the children in their programs and is not able to pay your way.

Contact Person

Eve Horowitz
Barrio La Playa, El Porvenir, Atlantida, Honduras.

Other Ways to support us

Soccer balls
Craft items
Dry erase markers
Children's chewable vitamins

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Program Manager oversees in-country operations. 'Ayudantes' (interns) are Honduran university students who work side by side with our international volunteers. Outreach Manager develops activities and events to maintain our community and online connections. Educational Coordinator works to ensure the quality of the educational component. Development Manager works on fundraising and volunteer recruiting.


We incorporate technology (laptops, kindles, and digital photography) and healthy eating into all programs. Our program is about relationships - both with the Hondurans and with volunteers from all around the world!

** There is an opportunity for rent reduction for helping with social media

The Honduras Child Alliance helps children gain access to opportunities by developing essential skills. United by the desire to improve quality of life in El Porvenir, Honduras for both children and adults, HCA coordinates community-based programs to support educational enrichment and healthy living. From many countries and backgrounds, we work together to reinforce basic academics while also enhancing creativity, the development of critical thinking, and decision-making capabilities.

Our programs include teaching English and computers so that our students can pursue education and employment opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable. By fostering positive self-expression, leadership talents, and team building, we nourish confidence and self-esteem. With support from donors and like-minded organizations, our programs are provided at no cost to the students.

With 3 walking distance locations around the seaside community of El Porvenir. Our main program focuses on English and Spanish literacy and includes art, games, computers, science, and sports. The children are in grades 1-6 and our program is a supplement to the public schools.

There are also free English and computer classes for teens and two levels of English for adults. Via a partnership with the local public hospital, we also accept healthcare and dental volunteers who wish to gain international experience.