Hope and Care Ministries

Mubende, Uganda, Africa
HOCAM is a non-government organization working to Ensure that everyone at the under privileged level of society has access to basic needs of life and has been enabled to be productive, self reliant and self sufficient through: Education, Entrepreneurship and skills Training, Small business startups , Agriculture and Outreach.

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work
Faith and Wellness
Women Empowerment
Refugee Support

What We Need

HOCAM needs volunteers in the fields of Vocational/Skills training, Primary education, women empowerment, outreach programs and Farming to promote productivity and self reliance.

When & Who

from January through out the year
Nope, we don't require a minimum duration

What we Provide

Types: Guesthouse, Volunteer House

A volunteer is free to choose where they want to stay, at a hotel or mission house. The HOCAM mission house in Mubende town, all living quarters are secure, westernized houses. The atmosphere at the mission house is very community-oriented. You will have your own bed and mosquito netting in a room and enjoy interacting with the new community.

Types: Variety
Wifi & Satellite
Hot Water

Our Fees

No fees

We try to make the cost of our trips as reasonable as possible.

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pretrip Assistance
Pick Up/Drop Off
Social Activities

We offer Pretrip assistance, Orientation,Social activities and Community tour (no additional cost).
Airport Pick up and Drop off $100.

Contact Person

Racheal Kihunde
P.O BOX 363 KALONGA-MUBENDE, Mubende, Uganda.

Other Ways to support us

Scholastic materials, Basic needs for children, Computers, Farming tools, Construction tools, Carpentry tools, Garage/Mechanical tools, Mama Kits, Solar Kits, Bibles.

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

Besides our permanent Staff Members ie Managing director, Programs Manager, Finance assistant, coordinator, secretary... The onsite staff depends on the number of volunteers on ground and the activities. For big volunteer groups, we have translators that attend to each team member.


HOCAM is committed to serve and to ensure that everyone at the under privileged level of society has access to basic needs of life and has been enabled to be productive, self reliant and self sufficient through;
Education, Empowerment programs like Business and Skills Training, Small business start ups and Micro Credit and Agriculture. We conduct outreach programs ie sanitation and hygiene training, relief services and Evangelism.

We run a child sponsorship program for the underprivileged children, Business training program (Business essentials Curriculum) designed to help everyone learn how to start and run their own businesses. we have done a number of projects including Sewing and tailoring, computer training, farming, clean water (water filters, rain water collection systems and spring boxes), relief for refugees in kazinga refugee camp providing them with shelter, food, medicine and clean water. Fighting malaria by distributing of mosquito nets, preaching the word, planting churches, and much more and we are working towards having a skills training center as one of the big ways to help people become self reliant.
-Our Organisation does not act as an Orphanage but empowers children from their own families and communities.
-We operate a primary school and children come from surrounding families and communities and we support any "child in need" through our child sponsorship program.