Hope for Vulnerable Children Association

Yaounde, Cameroon, Africa

We are a charity working to help vulnerable children who live with foster families and on the street to gain access to education, health and economic facilities in Cameroon

Volunteering Activities

Social Work
Women Empowerment

What We Need

Our organization work with children who live with foster parents and those that live on the city streets.

Women empowerment:
Our vulnerable girls live with women as their guardians. Therefore volunteers are required to empower the women who are caregivers to do the care giving task with ease and also empower the girls to be self reliant. All these has to do with psycho-social support, health and professional counseling for women and girls, education and vocational training. HOVUCA has a special program called “family strengthening program” HOVUCA identifies and train caregivers with the potential of doing business and further supports them with small financial grants to carry out small businesses where they can raise income to support the children under their care. Our volunteers will be helping us in this task.

We need a volunteer with expertise in initiating fundraising ideas and carrying out the fundraising activities to enable HOVUCA have adequate funds for its projects.

Social work:
Some of the reasons for increase number of vulnerable children is largely poverty and ignorance. HOVUCA organizes a series of awareness sessions in different communities to sensitize and increase awareness to parents, community leaders, and children on the consequences of neglect to children in general, discrimination and stigmatization against the HIV/AIDS infected children and the importance of education to such children. HOVUCA will want to have a volunteer who has expertise in organizing communities, groups and outreach programmes.

HOVUCA desires to have a volunteer who will carry out health campaigns on prevention of deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS, counseling to live with the disease and how to manage it.

We work with vocational training centres where those children who need vocational training skills are enrolled. Our volunteers will be required to assist in offering life skills in those schools where our children are enrolled.

Our work with street children:
For our work with street children, our volunteers will in collaboration with our local staff identify children on the street, bring them together and do counseling that will enable them to go back to their families for those who have families and to take a vocational training to be self employed and take charge of their own lives for those that do not have families.

Sports :
Providing a fun and safe environment for our vulnerable children to play and be active, we are empowering them and building in them self esteem, positive attitudes and respect, team spirit and leadership skills.

When & Who

HOVUCA will need volunteers as from January 2018. However, we encourage volunteers to do their application 2 to 3 months ahead of start date to allow ample time to make proper arrangements for their stay in Cameroon and good working atmosphere.
Yes, we require a minimum of 1 Month
we will like to avoid giving definite answers. However, the duration of volunteers will all depends on the duration of the tasks and on the availability of the volunteer and others which shall be discussed after conversation with the volunteer.

What we Provide

Guesthouse, Other

Our Fees


Daily fee
Our daily fee various depending on the location. The fee ranges from $25.0 to about $50.0
The daily fee includes the following
- Accommodation (average)
- meals
- Orientation
- local transport from the volunteers accommodate to the project site

Our one-time fee
This fee is for airport pick up and administration fee

NB: Fees will depend on the Region or city where we have work at the time the volunteer will be visiting. For example in the centre region where living cost is much higher in the cities, moderate fee per day is $40.0 - $50.0

Not Included:
- Visa cost
- Airfare
- Travel and medical Insurance
- Transportation to and from project site
- Personal items/trips

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pick Up/Drop Off

Contact Person

Evelyne Lum
P.O Box 8257, Yaounde, Cameroon.

Other Ways to Help

-sweet story books
-flip charts
-school bags
-Sports equipments

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Teaching English in schools and other awareness programs in schools are done only during school periods. The year in Cameroon is intercepted with two short holidays and one long holiday.
- The school year starts in September (first term) and ends in December with a short Christmas holiday which usually runs from the 20th of December to the first week of January the next year.
- Second term starts in the first week of January to mid March with short Easter holidays from Mid March to the end of April
- Third term starts in April and ends in May then summer holidays which is the longest that starts in June and runs up ro September.

Hope for Vulnerable Children Association (HOVUCA) gives hope to the hopeless. We help children living on the fringe of society - Vulnerable children who live with foster families - these are children who are poor and neglected, marginalized by illness, those that are infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS; children displaced by armed conflict; street children suffering from hunger and drugs abuse, or recovering from abuse and human trafficking.

Our activities include the following:
• Identify vulnerable children (HIV/AIDS infected/affected, street children, sexually abused and drug addicts) do a need assessment and register those that are most in need.
• Pay school fees, buy uniforms and other scholastic materials
• Organise awareness raising session with Youth group leaders, guardians, village heads/local leaders on the dangers of communicable diseases e.g. HIV/AIDS through, seminars, drama and songs of the children and posters.
• Health check- up Campaigns
• Fundraising
• We refer some children to vocational training centres to give skills to the children at a fee.
• Support caregivers/guardians with small finances to start a business
• Organize Youth and women empowerment training.
• Organize sporting and leisure events
• Creating partnerships

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