Volunteer with Hope Mission Centre

Hope Mission Centre

Nairobi, Kenya, Africa
We are a community school dealing with vulnerable and orphans children and located at Githembe slums Nairobi.We have about 30 children learning in our centre.We provide food,uniforms and books.


Teaching, child care and fundraising

It is ongoing project yearly

2 weeks to 3 months


Volunteers are provided with 2 meals(Breakfast and Dinner) on weekdays and three meals during the weekends. Typical meals include Ugali, Chapatti, Chai (Tea), Bread and rice with vegetables and fruits.
Volunteer Accommodations are provided in a volunteer house or in a homestay. The volunteer house is taken care by local host mother and has all the modern amenities available to ensure a comfortable stay for the volunteers. Some of the facilities available are showers, microwave and refrigerator in the kitchen and a lounge area for the volunteers

Fundraising for the construction of classrooms,food,school uniforms and books.

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Hope mission centre Project is a registered community based initiative
which offers a safe, happy, inexpensive and reliable volunteering experience to any kind hearted English speaking person who wants to come and help us! The school's budget is less than $2 per child per year which doesn't go far! Our experience of the world is limited because even teachers are poor. We started this project to get help for our children from people in the developed world. Our volunteers bring expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm. They inspire us.Our school children are aged 3-10 years and are about 40 in number.We teach English,maths,Music,sports,social studies,kiswahili and christian religious education.

5 to 10 people

$350 per month for food and accommodation




p.o box 50327-00200, Nairobi, Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya.

: +254713517317

: gilbert.okenye

For those who have less time and would like to help out and explore Kenya, HMC has the perfect trip for you! Join the 2 week special Volunteer and Travel Program in Kenya. Volunteer during the weekdays and go on an amazing Masai Mara safari on the weekend!

Program Highlights:-

City Tour of Nairobi – Capital of Kenya
Volunteering in HOPE MISSION CENTRE Project in Nairobi
Visit to Giraffe Manor, Mamba Village and Bomas of Kenya
2 day amazing Masai Mara Safari

We need learning materials for children-books,text books and pencils .
Our address-p.o box 50327-00200,Nairobi,Kenya.