Nairobi, Kenya, Africa
We are a community school project proving education and community empowerment actions for social change and sustainability. we are based in the village with a slum characteristics and many challenges that need strategic partners.

Volunteering Activities

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What We Need

the volunteers whom we want will be involved project fundraising and resource mobilization to counter the project challenges and provide a good foundation for development.
their effort will see a modified school project with good learning materials for the community beneficiaries.
we shall be happy to see a lot about sustainability and good strategic partnership AS WELL US TEACHING at the project site.

When & Who

as a community program, we need the volunteers soonest so that they can help in the development of our community program and interact with our beneficiaries.
8 weeks or more .

What we Provide


we shall provide good housing and meals for our volunteers in actions and the African food like rice,meat,potatoes,porridge,tea,coffee,ugali,fruits,soft drinks ,chapati,cakes,bread,warm water,eggs,bacon....


Our Fees

$5 daily

200 usd per week and this will go towards programs support while reservation fees will empower women in table banking and children feeding programs in our school.

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Contact Person

P O BOX 564-00300 nairobi., Nairobi, Kenya.

Other Ways to support us

we shall be happy if we can get support from the volunteers to construct a good community school that is friendly and away from from sewer lines as well us provision of-books,feeding programs and sustainable development activities for women and youth in our community.

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

this is poor community which is facing aids and rug abuse challenges and most of the children don't go to schools due to poverty and ailments.
a water project was given to the community project but due to lack of proper equipments ,its not operating well .rooms have been done and a big water tank is available but with no pipes to connect water to the community .
this has the potential of supplying the community with water and improve sanitation.

we are here to facilitate social development and sustainable development activities in our community.
the community organization is actively involved in educational support for the needy children in the community.
the children mothers and guardians are again involved in capacity building and behavior change activities.
to support help the children to understand more about food security ,the project is encouraging the children to participate in agricultural activities .
the youth affiliated in our community programs are involved in HIV aids awareness by our community volunteers.
to nature the talents better the children are involved in sports and dram activities as away of showing talents.
in our small community library ,the children are given books to read and improve reading culture which forms part of Avery important activity.
community women are involve in table banking and micro finance to drive away poverty and ensure economic growth.
since our community village is very dirty in terms of garbage we do mobilize the community in cleaning exercise for the better living.
community women are involved in HIV support groups and awareness and drug matters .
those in need of drug abuse rehabilitation are refereed to rehab centers.
we have a water project in the in our community that is supporting wash activities and sanitation for the community.