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Kathmandu, Nepal, South Asia
Harmony Nepal organizes community development projects that address crucial needs in disadvantaged, marginalized and rural areas in Nepal.

Women Development

Our NGO needs 4 types of volunteers:

Teachers :

A lack of teachers is present in all the 3 schools of the village.
The volunteers will be assigned in one school; Sunday to Friday (Saturday day-off).

It's about 5 hours work/day and the schedule depends of the school you will work in.

You will be most of the time assisted by a local who can translate your course and help you in the construction of your lessons.

No diploma or experience needed.


The lack of education goes throughout the adults. Foreigners with charism and determination will be welcome to help us by doing speeches about women rights and empowerment, the environment, healthcare, hygiene etc.. Further they should plan different kind of programs in this fields, like recycling, health campaigns and so on.

More and more farmers use pesticide and chemicals for their fields. It kills their land and they don't know anything about it. Volunteers have to explain the risks about chemical agriculture.

Most of the people are not educated, unhygienic and they are not using toilets or even build toilet in their home. It causes sanitaries issues and diseases.

Help us to explain what a lack of hygiene can lead and talk about what can be the consequences.

Furthermore, they don't care about their environment. They throw their trash everywhere and don't use bins. That's why it is very important to raise awareness in that field.

The schedule is not determinate.

No diploma or experience are needed but "talking in public" skills are important.

Builders and Painters :

Due to their culture and lack of education and money, villagers aren't using toilets. Our NGO want to build with the help of some sponsors and the government 750 toilets in the village. We need volunteers to help and build toilets and tabs.
Furthermore, we need volunteers to rebuilt the school what got destroyed due the earthquake and painters what can bring colors in our school.

And we need people to set up bins allover the village.

It's about 7 hours a day. (Saturday day-off)

No diploma or experience needed but someone with motivation and desire to help.

10 days minimum


- Filtered Water
- Nepalese Language course (Basics + Advanced)
- Nepalese culture course
- Shuttle from the airport

Plus, the volunteers will be hosted in a traditional Nepalese house, with all the culture and tradition it involves. You will be immerged in the real Nepalese culture far from the Kathmandu's way of life.

Depend of volunteering period


Human Harmony Nepal (Manab Sadbhav Nepal) is a Non-Governmental Organization created and registered in the Nepalese Government since January 2017. Human Harmony Nepal organizes community development projects that address crucial needs in disadvantage, marginalized and rural areas in Kagatiguan, Nepal. With these projects - in which we teach humanity, integrity, impartiality, empathy, environmental awareness and respect - we offer different kinds of programs for the community:

- Women empowerment program
- Teaching program
- Healthcare program
- Construction program

Despite the poverty, Nepal has so much to offer: its stunning landscapes,its historic and fascinating culture and lovely people. Volunteers are welcome in our country that deservingly has the reputation of the warm heart of South Asia. Volunteering for Human Harmony Nepal will provide you a unique experience into the Nepali way of live, a huge sense of satisfaction and the opportunity to help people who really need it.

You need to speak English, furthermore we expect 100% commitment, motivation and ambition. We will ensure that your skills will be well-used. Volunteering for Human Harmony Nepal is a great way to make a difference and give people the opportunity to change their life's. Our work entirely depends on the creativity, generosity and energy of volunteers like you - which is why we want to thank you in advance!

More information : http://www.manepal.org

5 to 10 people


Lekhnath Sadak, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Govt 912

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