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Help spread the awareness of the global IITTI professional image certification by meeting with career counselors, job agencies, company HRs in your local community.

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Note: This is a 'volunteer from home' project. The work is skill-based; there are a lot of strategy and planning involved. We suggest volunteers to commit at least 6 months to make it worthwhile.

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Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada, Vancouver, Canada.

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Instead of asking people to donate to IITTI, we believe in providing a valuable service to be sustainable. Check out our social enterprise platform (www.Rocktell.com) where job-seekers can do their "resume video". Try it yourself and you may find it fun!

Job-seekers are complaining they can't find jobs, companies are complaining they can't find people. Where is the gap? Many job-seekers are good in their particular profession such as finance, engineering, accounting, but are poor in their professional image and communication skills (or soft skills). The first thing we do is to help job seekers in grooming themselves and sit in front of a webcam to do a "resume video" so they can impress future employers, then we encourage them to have on-going training in their professional image management by being IITTI-certified to stand above the crowd.