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Kampala, Uganda, Africa
We are Ugandan based nonprofit working with communities to leverage the power and potential of every girl and woman to create sustainable development in their communities.

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African Prayer Mountain Road Seguku Katale, Kampala, Uganda.

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Program Design & Development, Fundraising, Monitoring and evaluation of projects and administration among other duties.

Globally Uganda is ranked 3rd with the highest economic dependency rate of 99.5%, this is attributed to multiple barriers to economic independence which include among others unemployment standing at 83% among young people of 15-24 years. Despite the numerous efforts to reduce this trend, economic dependency among women and girls remains high as a result of limited access to resources such as capital, land, and skills needed to get employment.
As a result of this, they are unable to access economic opportunities, quality education, and health care services.
Continued trends of economic dependency among women and girls not only escalates poverty in the family but also breeds gender-based violence, gender inequality and drives women and girls to adopt other means of survival such as; prostitution and early marriages.
We believe that when women and girls are given access to skills and resources to become leaders in their communities, they create long-lasting social, political and economic impact in their homes and communities. At the core of our interventions is the belief that investing in just one woman has the potential to unlock new, ripple opportunities for dozens more in her community. We actively work in three issue areas that remove barriers which perpetuate the economic dependency of vulnerable women in Uganda:

Social Entrepreneurship Training; A four months training is delivered to selected female participants below the age of 25 through a curriculum tailored to; Mindset Change & Growth, Ideation & Innovation, Business Model Canvas Marketing, Financial Management, Fundraising, and Leadership /team management. In addition to the training, the beneficiaries are provided with interest-free seed loan to launch their social and business ventures and continuous mentorship is provided.

Reproductive and Maternal Health.
We deliver this through two approaches;
1. rePAD,
This is delivered through trained reproductive health practitioners, trained rePAD school mentors. This is aimed at skilling girls and boys on how to make their own reusable sanitary pads and reproductive and menstrual hygiene management in school and out of school using the locally available materials.

2. Safe Mum
Aimed at reducing maternal mortality rates and improving on the children’s survival rates, Safe Mum is delivered through trained community based qualified midwives who work as fellows deployed in the community to take charge of referral of emergency pregnancy cases to government hospitals for further management, attend to attached mothers antenatal and postnatal needs as well as coordinate advocacy services in the villages they are assigned.