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iMass Innovation human right and Education is a vital basic human right enshrined in several international and national protocols, conventions and treaties and needs to be observed and exercised with utmost commitment. The efforts being made by the government of Ghana to ensure universal basic educa

Volunteering Activities

Human Rights Work

What We Need

Rescue 200 Ghanaian Girls from Fishing Slavery along 125 miles of shoreline on Lake Volta Kete- Krachi

When & Who

Any time
1 to 6 months

What we Provide


We will provide accommodation to all our volunteers

Our Fees

$15 daily
$525 One-time


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Contact Person

iMass Innovation P.O Box 64 kete krachi,Ghana.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

iMass Innovation is a not for profit making and Environmental Conservation organisation that works in partnership with rural villages in Ghana to create and establish sustainable solutions for community development. Our local staff members begin working in a community by asking a lot of questions, finding out what problems are seen by members of the community, especially the Human Right Defenders, Women,and children. We then implement a variety of different projects that addresses the grassroots causes of these problems one community at a time.

Through our effective volunteer service programs, we connect volunteers from around the world with these communities along with our staff as we work together in areas as Female Human Right, ICT, Food and Agriculture, Education, Water and Sanitation, Healthcare and Economic Development. We come up with a plan, decide on ways to evaluate and measure success, and get to work