Instituto Internacional de Aprendizaje para la Cohesión Social

IIACOS, is a Non-profit Civil Association, a non-governmental organization inspired by Bahá'í principles. Mission Contribute to the progress of human civilization, within the framework of unity in diversity, strengthening social cohesion, strengthening human rights

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Teaching, researcher, ecological agricultural development, infrastructure, media.

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Nope, we don't require a minimum duration

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Ciudad de Cusco, Cusco, Peru.

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5 to 10 people

Institutional Vision
To be an influential institution of positive and constructive social change in a peaceful, just and united way; Improving continuously through systematic learning; Growing organically, graduated, flexible and sustained from the bottom and the global; We are united, in a single systemic, holistic, historical perspective guided by a common cause; Our main programs are implemented and placed at the service of the common good and the advancement of human civilization; Social and educational projects are seen as promoting the development of human capacities to raise their dignity, their social integration, and the well-being of communities; We are involved, interconnected and allied with associations, foundations, public and private institutions, international organizations of local, national and global scope through the various technological, communication and social networks.

Guiding Principles

In order to build a truly cohesive society, certain guiding principles are required. To the extent that experience and time demand it, as long as today's society is led to its transformation and collective maturity, these principles will be expressed more broadly and consistently, in accordance with the changes of the time and the emergence of the birth of A united and cohesive and diverse civilization:
· The human being is essentially noble, and possesses abilities and powers that are inherent to him and distinguishes him from other beings.
· The independent search for truth and its application based on the two systems of knowledge: science and religion.
· Service to humanity as a source of motivation and human fulfillment.
· The integration between practice and theory; Between oneness and unity; Between the material and the spiritual; Between thinking, being and doing; And in balance with the dimensions of the human being.
· The promotion of universal education oriented to the development of human potentialities and faculties, and to the improvement and development of civilization.
· Equality of rights and opportunities for men and women, cultures and peoples.
· Appropriate use of technology for human well-being and protection of the environment.
· The establishment of justice, well-being, prosperity and peace.
· Achieving unity in diversity, in line with unit levels

Since we emerged as an idea in 2001 until IIACOS was formalized as a Legally Established Institution, almost ten years of constant endeavors have passed, although small - as single-leaf drops, leaves of a single tree -, however, their content And the principles that influenced its creation are beginning to take organic form in line with the ever changing reality of our society of the XXI Century, recognized as the knowledge society, society that will establish global political unity.
At the beginning of a new decade, the efforts of our Institution, offered in the spirit of goodwill, are shaped as alternatives for action in the field of governance, prosperity, protection of the environment, cohesion and social unity. Everywhere is emerging a collective citizen consciousness that makes us share in a common space: our Earth. And in it, the principle of unity.