Instituto Ochoch Hikeek

“House of Hope"

Poptún, Guatemala, Central America

Mayan Institution Ochoch Hik´eek is an educational organization striving to contribute towards the development of future leaders who will solve community problems and appreciate Mayan land in the framework of the multicultural state of Guatemala.

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5a. Calle, Barrio Santa María, Zona 3 Poptún, Departamento de Petén. GUATEMALA, Poptún, Guatemala.


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5 to 10 people

help in organization and cleanliness of the school, attend the store, accompany the children in the hours of studies and sports activities.

Our most important project is our non-profit community education center and social service which focuses on Mayan culture. Authorized by the Ministry of Education, our project offers secondary level education to 80 young students varying between the ages of 13 and 24 and the majority of whom have Maya Q'eqchi' origins. We use an alternating model of 15 in-school teaching days and 15 distance-learning days. Our students come from rural areas and stay with us for 15 days every month and then return to their villages for another 15 days in order to support their families, many of whom work in agriculture. During this time, it is possible to visit the children and their families in order to better understand their background.

All students come from distant rural communities and, so, we offer them an academic education with full board. One-third of the students are funded by the charitable entities.

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