International Schools Partnership

Kampala, Uganda, Africa
Educating& networking schools,nonprofits and communities

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work

What We Need

Activities for volunteers at ISP administration level
Engage in drawing fundraising campaigns in house training on how to use social media and IT software.
Development of administrative funding channels to boost in and out of school ISP activities.
Skills empowerment in school pupils and students plus teaching staff.
Organization development and programming
Proposal writing/ Resource mobilization
Capacity building and Technical guidance school staffs
Writing articles and filming documentaries inline with ISP programs.
Sharing knowledge of how to initiate viable new projects & support the current work.
Marketing ISP work to invite new volunteers and development partners.
Opening up partnerships and Networking with schools, development partners, municipalities in other countries,
support establishment of model innovation,information technology centers in and out of school and community training centers.
• Development of student skilling empowerment projects i.e. vocational skills e.t.c.
• Support ISP Staff to develop Fundraising Campaigns to raise funds to meet practical challenges that hinder better academic improvement in local schools.
Developing plans to establish recycling projects like electronic and plastic centers to boost environmental protection through working with Total Green Australia and other environmental protection development partners.
Create new opportunities in business networking and funding to support ISP sustainability of ISP programs to benefit ISP member schools and operation communities
Development of active partnership locally and globally.

What volunteers can do on there return home on behalf of ISP?

Given there life experience volunteering with ISP staff once they “volunteers” return home can act as VIRTUAL SUPPORTERS of ISP online and also practically provide the following input on behalf of ISP?
• Recruitment of colleagues to engage in ISP programs
• Development of ISP clubs / organizations in there cities
• Write funding proposals and seek support from there cities
• Develop press release to market ISP outreach activities in there cities.
• Managing ISP social media channels
• Be the voice of ISP and its programs in their cities
• Always volunteer to visit ISP during holidays
• Support fundraising international trips of key ISP staff like: Helping to secure opportunities to help ISP staff attend valuable conferences that add value to ISP outreach programs.
• Seek support and donation of gifts to ISP approved projects.
• Attract companies to support and use ISP as expansion route to invest in Uganda.
• Use ISP as contact organization for student recruitment with good grades to attend further studies in their cities.
• Solicit education funding / scholarships for ISP qualified youth through “keep in school support project”
• Convince celebrities and fellow friends to be Global Ambassadors for ISP Programs
• Develop ISP online and printable newsletter for distribution corporate companies, education associations etc.
• Develop ISP writers group fundraising groups etc
• Support the development of penpalling program within local schools and international schools globally.
• Engage on behalf of ISP design program that impact development in member schools both countries.
• We are also inviting volunteers that will help ISP to begin script writing and literature clubs
• life and behavioral change skills


When & Who

When & Who
we need volunteers throughout academic term,
We operate & therefore need volunteers all year round.....whenever we can get them.
Do we require a minimum duration?
Yes, we require a minimum of 7 -30 Days
Volunteering with us is memorable adventure and suitable for Individuals, Groups, Retirees
We help volunteers immerse themselves with local culture and will always be hug and thanked for their precious time in our local schools to uplift lives and serve life. A lasting bond to volunteer with ISP
Yes, we require a minimum of 30 Days
Volunteers may stay up to 30 days or year depending on arrangement. ISP will be glad to benefit from there stay as we uplift lives together.
Family with Kids, Groups, Retirees, Disabled

What we Provide

Types: Guesthouse, Volunteer House

Once Accommodation
Homestay, Volunteer House
Additional stuff
Wifi & Satellite
Hot Water
Laundry Service

Types: Vegetarian

local dishes

Welcome Kit
Local SIM Card
Purified Drinking Water

Our Fees

$15 daily
$300 One-time

The $300 one-time fee caters to registration, administration costs, security fee, reservation fee, a donation to the Keep A child in school support program,free 2-4 city visits to local markets,religious sites and round the clock social support during a volunteer's stay with us.

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pick Up/Drop Off
Social Activities

May have additional negotiable fees
Pre trip Assistance
Pick Up/Drop Off
Orientation free
Social Activities free
Tours in town may only need transport arrangement and ISP may get intouch with travel/tour companies for tours in wildlife centers and other major tourists locations at planned fee.

Contact Person

kasujja muhamed
P.o.Box 22813 Kampala.uganda, Kampala, Uganda.

Other Ways to support us

Help kids learn English,mathematics,geography and draw,painting,craft making both children and women,sports activities,knowledge sharing and training workshops

Volunteers can be first time, experienced doctors,students taking health course,agriculture,STEM subjects,vocational skilled/artisans,teachers,architectures,scientists,environmentalists,script writers and authors,film directors etc


Materials and supplies: Scholastic materials like School bags,shoes,clothes for kids and teaching staff,books,pens,pencils,geometry sets,calculators,laptops,desktop computers, IPad,drones for capturing activities,office furniture,construction materials,field outreach vehicles, female school pupils and students 's clothes & basic needs like sanitary towels or menstrual cups, , Dental hygiene supplies, vocational skills machines like juice making machines,confectionery making,sewing machines, tailoring Hair dryers for hairdressing classes, Reading books (English), Immune boosting medicines, food supplements, rapid HIV testing kits etc

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

Executive Director who also doubles as incharge correspondence with foreign visitors oversees the proper progress of ISP in and out of Uganda.
Program manager helps to oversee the daily duties at office
Administrative secretary takes care of the day to day running of office to ensure that staff operate in an organised environment.
2-4 ISP coordinators/field staff manage the connection with local schools they are incharge of organising in school activities in the different locations.


We always sit with our volunteers to identify there additional knowledge and skills, innovation they could have liked to share which wasn't in our earlier plans,
We might also sometimes change accommodation in case we have far trips from your usual stay.

Organizing community events like traditional inter school activities,
Slum sports outreach activities
Environmental protection programs.

My name is kasujja Muhamed l live in Uganda, am the founder of International schools partnership, Uganda. A membership organization established in Uganda 2011 to connect, inspire, empower and to advance Ugandan students, teachers, school and communities by creating networks with other schools globally for better and competitive skills.

Apparently we are working with Total Green Australia {TGR} to build the needed support for Uganda’s in and out of school pupils and youth to stay and join school through the campaign Keep A child in school support program. We are planning to setup community IT centers to attract locals to beginning learning the impact of information technology and setup electronic recycling center to help controlling electronic waste in Uganda.

We seeking volunteers with interest to support us develop STEM programs in our local schools and communities such that innovation cut across where everyone is supported to invent.

ISP through Keep A child in school program with support of its volunteer network will always identify vulnerable parents/caregivers in local schools for enterprise training so that they can be able to start small medium businesses so as to be able to care for their children for better livelihoods.