International Transformation Foundation

Nairobi, Kenya, Africa
Internationally youth led non-profit organization providing youth educational and self development programs encompassing leadership & entrepreneurship to harness creativity for Youth system that provide jobs, offering security, opportunities to grow, contribute to the development of our community.

Volunteering Activities

Web Work
Social Work

What We Need

We have these positions available at our Secretariat in Nairobi:
International Relations Assistant
Projects Assistant
Administration Assistant
IT & Development Assistant
Public Relations Assistant
Office Assistant Intern

When & Who

Any time throughout the year. Our official working hours is Monday to Thursday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Three (3) Months

What we Provide


Although ITF Volunteer staffs enjoy limitless opportunities, ITF does NOT provide any kind of compensation. ITF Staffs operates on full time volunteer basis for a minimum of 3 months contract. They are responsible of all basic expenses such as home – office transportation, accommodation etc. ITF ONLY provide direct operational expenses such as Staff’s transportation to a meeting outside office, visit field operations etc.

For International (foreign) volunteers we have a shared House near the office, where all foreign volunteers live together like a family. However there is a minimum monetary contribution to be accommodated as follow:
300 USD= 3 months
500 USD=6 months
1000=12 months


Our Fees

No fees

We do not charge volunteers but volunteers are responsible of their expenses associated with their tenure .

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Contact Person

Oldebe road, Cassia crescent, House 29 extension, Nairobi, Kenya.

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

A typical ITF Volunteer Staffs must possess or is extremely eager to learn and passionate about the following knowledge/skills and is able to demonstrate, that the essential functions of the position (applying for) can be performed:

Possess knowledge in current issues and best practices relating to international youth development;

Ability to come up with creative ideas

Have excellent communication skills both orally and in writing (minimally in English), Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills and the ability to work with individuals from different cultures,

Possess basic computer skills

Ability to maintain an established work schedule, with or without flexibility,

Strong organizational and management skills- ability to multi task and prioritize,

Motivated to learn and take on new challenges’

Willingness and capacity to volunteer’

Unparalleled passion and commitment for youth & community development.

Since the establishment; ITF is developing and operating youth development programs to lead the youth of today as leaders with strong heart and mind as true workers of society with creative and progressive thinking. The ITF projects are:

1. 1 Slum100 computers project: Providing free computer training and entrepreneurship mentoring to youth in Eastern Nairobi slums and informal settlements to be familiar enough with basic computer applications and design a profitable computer based business. At completion of the training and mentorship, we loan them computers and other technological devices to help them set up a computer based business such as cybercafé.

2. Join the Pipe Project: Also know as a water kiosk at school it consist of Financing Community based Schools and youth associations to set up join the Pipe water Kiosk model at school/ community across Kenya for people to access clean drinking water and sanitation whenever possible.

3. Jijenge Kijana Fund- a youth Livelihood Pathways offering microcredit, micro- saving and training enabling ITF members to engage in productive and stable livelihoods.

4. Youth Leadership & Entrepreneurship Trainings- Consisting of debates and workshops giving East African youth life didactic principles with intensive instructions that shoves them to expand their boundaries of knowledge molding them into great leaders and entrepreneurs .

5. BEE (Building Empowering Environment For Youth Employability )A Capacity building project that gather together a global partnership from 13 different organizations from 4 different continents with the aim of tackling youth unemployment by bridging together educational sector, labour market, youth and public institutions and enabling young people to undergo work-based learning period (WBL). We believe we can make a positive difference both at local and international scale through involving youth organizations and strengthening cross-sectorial networking that will create new opportunities for work based learning mobility. "BEE" partnership is based on a cooperative working methodology that foster cross-fertilization through sharing practices and approaches, as well as by bridging together not only youth organizations, but also schools and employers in a global perspective.

6. READ (Reducing Social Exclusion Through A Creative Approach To Reading) Youth illiteracy is still rife in many countries around the world. According to statistics, globally, 124 million children and young adolescents are not in school or they drop out before completing the full course of basic education. Therefore the READ project and its partners share the mission to enhance the participation of youth and disadvantaged learners to society, promoting inclusive education and equality. This project is fully committed to constantly explore new youth work approaches and methodologies. The project draws its origin from the long engagement for the empowerment of young people through non-formal learning.