Rosario de Limeira, Brazil, South America
Iracambi is a Brazilian and US registered non-profit organization located in one of the world’s top biodiversity hotspots: the Atlantic Forest. Our objective is to discover better ways of caring for the forest and to protect the extraordinary biodiversity found here whilst also generating a forest-based income.

Volunteering Activities


What We Need

We accept everyone over 18 from any backgrounds. We ask suggest that you try to acquire a minimum of basic Portuguese as most Brazilians don't speak English and you'll get more out of your stay if you can communicate at least a little!

Areas you can help in are as follows:
- Agroforestry: we are attempting to increase the biodiversity of a partly shaded coffee plantation while creating a new sustainable model of high-quality coffee production.
- Caring for our forest nursery, which supplies up to 6,000 seedlings annually, and planting trees
- Creating a medicinal plant garden and giving workshops in local communities
- Fundraising, marketing, and social media
- GIS (Geographic Information System): help develop our database of information which classifies land use, maps forest cover, and helps identify the best spots for creating protected areas
- IT, graphics
- Land Stewardship where sustainable management, rather than absolute protection or preservation, of natural resources is the objective.
- Monitoring forest cover and growth, water, fauna, weather
- Photography and videos
- Reforestation: includes reforesting with native species, developing forest corridors, restoring degraded lands, and establishing agroforestry plots
- Trail Maintenance: We have a system of forest trails which are used by researchers, schoolchildren, and visitors to Iracambi. The trails require regular maintenance – this is one of the jobs that does not take place in the hot sun!
- Young EcoLeaders: Engaging local communities in conservation activities and promoting interest through environmental educational activities with local schools

You are welcome to help with any of the projects that you are interested in to help develop skills in areas that you may not have had a chance to discover yet or to use your skill-base to help assist in projects already running.

When & Who

All year long
Yes, we require a minimum of 7 Days
Please contact us for up to date visa information! Depending on which country you come from, your (tourist) visa is valid for either 90 days or for 90 days renewable for a further 90 days. Under exceptional circumstances we may be able to assist you in applying for either a volunteer visa (do not do this unless you would like to stay for at least a year, and do not do this without consulting us first!)
Individuals, Groups

What we Provide

Types: Volunteer House

Accommodation is either in our central dormitory - four two- bed rooms, common room, kitchen and hot showers, or in one of our five cabins which have two two-bed rooms, study space and hot showers

Our Fees

$60 daily

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pretrip Assistance
Pick Up/Drop Off
Social Activities

Pretrip assistance - all details available on this site! We do not normally provide airport pickup and drop off (the airport is five hours from here.) but in the case of groups we can arrange this for a fee. On arrival all volunteers receive a comprehensive orientation and tour of the facilities and the immediate project area. Social activities include bonfires, parties, hikes, swimming in the river and visits to local communities. Weekend trips can be arranged to visit Brazil's famous colonial towns, beach resorts, and of course the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte. (We are happy to help with arranging the logistics, but volunteers pay their own costs.)

Contact Person

Carla Faccina
Fazenda Iracambi, Caixa Postal No. 1 Rosario da Limeira, 36878-000 Minas Gerais, Brazil, Rosario de Limeira, Brazil.
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Other Ways to support us

We need a ton of stuff! Let's aim high. (Lots of these things you can't fit into your backpack but maybe you have a rich uncle who could help out?. We really need a car - ours is getting old. We need a 12 person van for carrying volunteers, school kids, tree seedlings and material around. We need construction supplies (cement, paint) We need simple lab equipment for the schoolkids - a better microscope, magnifying glasses. We need camera and video equipment and camera traps for the forest. We really really need a drone. School supplies, a better printer, color cartridges. Hand tools. Board games for rainy days.

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

Iracambi staff are smart and flexible, and most of us wear at least two hats.! Permanent staff include: volunteer coordinator/ medicinal plants specialist, program coordinator/education coordinator, IT and maintenance coordinator, admin and forestry coordinator, agroecology and forest nursery coordinator, fundraiser/marketer, public policy/research coordinator, international liaison coordinator, and part time GIS coordinator.


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During the rainy season (November - March) we are more likely to be involved in planting: it's a good time for fauna observation, too. In the dry season, we do our trail maintenance and prerare seedlings for the next season.

Located in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, Iracambi works with local communities and people from around the world to protect natural resources and enhance local livelihoods. We also try to enhance and protect the biodiversity found in this small paradise.

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