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Rosario de Limeira, Brazil, South America
Iracambi is a Brazilian and US registered organisation, located in one of the world’s top biodiversity hotspots, The Atlantic Forest. Our objective is to discover better ways of caring for the forest, and to protect the extraordinary biodiversity found here, whilst also generating forest-based incom


We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds, we however ask that you have completed at least level 20 of Duo-Lingo Portuguese, as the majority of Brazilians cannot speak English and it will be to your benefit to speak basic Portuguese.
The work we do here is mainly based around the research and education of reforestation as well as the reforestation itself. There are many areas in which you can volunteer and help throughout Iracambi.
Areas you can help in are as follows: agro ecology, agro forestry, working to protect and survey water sources, volunteering in the tree nursery, helping maintain the vegetable garden and the medicinal plants garden, assisting in the education programme with local children; doing water monitoring, soil monitoring and forest cover surveying. Helping to teach English to children at a local school in Belisario. As well as working in more computer based fields you can assist in marketing, design, fundraising and social media. You are welcome to help with any of these projects that you are interested in to help develop skills in areas that you may not have had a chance to discover yet or to use your skill base to help assist in these projects already running.
You’ll be saving forests and changing lives.

All year long

the duration of 1 month


You will be provided with accommodation in shared cabins with access to hot water, 3 meals a day as well as internet 24/7

800 USD per month includes accommodation, 3 meals and internet 24/7


Located in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, Iracambi works with the local communities and people from around the world to protect natural resources and to enhance local livelihoods. As well as to try and enhance and protect the biodiversity found in this small paradise.

5 to 10 people



Fazenda Iracambi, Caixa Postal No. 1 Rosario da Limeira, 36878-000 Minas Gerais, Brazil, Rosario de Limeira, Brazil.

Iracambi also offers a homestay option with local environmentalists who each specialise in fields such as primatology, agro-ecology and organic farming. This provides volunteers the opportunity to experience local community members’ sustainable lifestyles, and to understand the locals in greater depth and to also provides the opportunity to practise Portuguese.


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