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Chittagong, Bangladesh, South Asia
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ISDE offering child and women rights and education

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Voluntary services for 3-6 months and Work and technology transfer to local counter part

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20 yearly
3-6 months

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Local transportations

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S M Nazer Hossain
House -68, Road -4, Block-B, Chandgaon R/A, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
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20 to 50 people

Support to local counter part and performed assigned job

3-6 months voluntary services

ISDE Bangladesh is a non-governmental, voluntary, not for profit making, non-religious and development organization. From inception in 1992, it has been implementing various development activities to uplift the socio-economic and cultural condition of the ultra poor, climate refugees, vulnerable children and women, reduction of poverty and hunger; improve the health and hygiene condition. It has given emphases to the development of the women and children through awareness raising, access to the local resources, strengthening capacity and skills of their organization, imparting felt-need based problem-solving program by adopting modern scientific knowledge and techniques.

ISDE-Bangladesh has ongoing programmatic structure and set up with the poor people at the Cox’s Bazar and City Corporation under Chittagong district with directly with 20,000 families emphasizing to women and children to supporting various socio economic and poverty alleviation activities. We are providing pre-primary education, tutorial coaching for school going students, primary health care and hygiene, nutrition education to the 2000 underprivileged Displaced Children at Urdu speaking non-Bengali (displaced population camps at 02 Bihary camps) in Roufabad, Segunbagan, S B Nagar and Zawthola warless Bihary (displaced urban slum) colony under Chittagong city of Bangladesh. ISDE also providing emergency humanitarian support for Stateless Rohingya Refugees (Forcibly Displaced Myanmar National) in Cox’s Bazar from last Sept 2017. The activities are cooked food distribution to new arrivals, established child happiness center for early childhood and pre-primary education including raising awareness on child protection, CRC, early childhood education to 1500 children through establishing 5 child happiness centers with necessary teachers and support staffs. It also is providing education through games, recreation and nutritious food to the children. Emergency medical care supports providing through establishing medical care centre to new arrivals, existing refugees and some host communities emphasizing to the children and women weekly basis. Medicines and others facilities also providing during visit the medical centre. Its covered 5000 Rohingya refugees families under this activities. Last Eidual Fitre, it has distributed Eid gifts to the 1500 Refugees children.

During the Holly Eidul Azhah most of the poor Muslim communities celebrates the Eid festival in a poor conditions, some time without rich food and new cloths. Even some of them have no capacity to buy new garments. The situation is also painful in the hill areas and urban slums of Chittagong; even they have no essential cloths also. Most of the children are passing their life in a very miserable condition without warm cloths and garments. Their parents have no ability to buy the new warm cloths to protect cold. I believes you have well known about the situation of slum in Rohingya Refugees Camps in Bangladesh. Lots of children have no shelter for sleeping.

Being as a local humanitarian development organization and closely working with the poor people, there is a natural expectation from the poor community’s people of the areas for ISDE-BD to stand by them and provide assistance and support in the time of crisis or any festival. Due to financial constraint most of the poor Muslim people of the said areas celebrate the Eid festival in a poor condition some time without rich food, meet and new garments. As per limitation of our financial constraint we are unable to provide such types of activities. So we are requesting to extend your support to our poor peoples and working areas to provide us an opportunity to carry out the Quarbani meet packets distribution, sleeping kits etc on the occasion of holly Eidul Azhah for the welfare of our poor Muslim.

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