Jael's Arm of Hope Centre

KISUMU , Kenya, Africa
This is a community organization that is promoting women empowerment & community table banking activities and also focusing on sustainable developed integrated by recovery efforts.
the organization is registered with the government of Kenya through the ministry of culture and social services.

Volunteering Activities

Web Work

What We Need

our organization needs the volunteers with experience in fundraising & resource mobilization and media strategy development.

When & Who

once we get into project partnership with the organization we intend to have the volunteers immediately to visit our organization and start fundraising.
to us in the organization e are very enthusiastic that they will help our organization to grow and provide community service.
The project and the volunteers will discuss the length of time of stay & these will depend on the desire of the volunteer to stay at the project. this can be between weeks,moths and days. ie 4 weeks to 8 weeks and more.

What we Provide


The community project will make sure that the volunteers get meals and good accommodation and community support with regards to their volunteering experience.
the host organization will make sure that all is well to the very important guests and they will again get opportunity to eat the local food combined with the western food available in some hotel out lets in the community.
Internet services and local transport in the project ares will be catered for but if the volunteers will have the desire to travel out the project site then this will be discussed in the project about planing.


Our Fees

No fees

The volunteer cost is usd 150 per volunteer per week and this will cater for accommodation & meals.
the difference will help support the project activities identified by the volunteers and the project management as the volunteers chart way froward to fundraising for the project .

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Contact Person

P O BOX 313-50400 BUSIA KENYA, KISUMU, Kenya.

Other Ways to support us

its the project wish to complete the construction of a women and community recovery center which has been started by the program.we wish to get online donations & cash donation,t-shirts,books,cloths,toys ,computers other office equipment's .

Additional Info about Us

10 to 20 people

The project women empowerment and community sustainable development mechanisms which is able to impact in ones life.
The project has been rehabilitating women and young girls who have been in involved in illicit sexual activities and who are recovering from violence inflicted by the men in the community.
the highway is a breeding den of HIV/aids contraction along side drug abuse .

The community organization is involved in the following activities -
women empowerment & table banking with a view to reducing poverty in the community.
-raising hiv/aids awareness in the community with a view to reducing the rate of infection & stigma reduction among st t the community vulnerable groups.
- community food security programs to boost family incomes .
-community village home visit in the remote villages .
to make sure we achieve our goals the project is carrying the following projects to enhance community development & empowerment-
table banking project[village banking]-
-HIV/aids programs
-capacity building & skill transfer programs.
-youth development programs-
-women & girls rescue programs.
-the old age programs & educational support.
-counseling & referrals .
networking and collaboration with organizations in our community.
-volunteering for charity courses for human development.
we work with the youth ,women,students,church organizations in our area.
this s a community that is experiencing high poverty level & lack of job opportunity due to lack of essential skills .
drug abuse is also very rampant this having a Dore way to Uganda .

Is a local charity development organization [cbo] with roots in busia county, Kenya
The organization focuses on helping the needy & under privileged women in or surviving from abusive relationships.
It aims at addressing the gender based violence [gbv] & associated socio economic challenges that indigent and vulnerable women in busia face through intervention in the areas of capacity building, advocacy, skills development & information for victims of violence.
The purpose of this community concept is to improve the lives of the community beneficiaries in health, education, training' and food security targeting the most vulnerable in the community.
-To improve health of the poor community women, youth, children and protect the future generation for prosperity
-To reduce & prevent violence against women in busia county by sensitizing raising awareness of the issues among selected target groups while creating an enabling environment for violated women to secure their being & reduce their vulnerability.
1.05-Project service delivery policy:
• Non-discrimination and service for all.
• Privacy of beneficiaries and no party affiliation.
• Service with dedication and non racial.
• Transparency and accountability.
• Service for humanity at the best interest of the beneficiaries.
• No isolation of beneficiaries on treatment and we promote adherence principle.
• To provide educational support for needy children and students from poor communities affected by hiv/aids.
• To build good houses for the old age in the community who are in the program & have vulnerable children.
• T0 provide reproductive health and sexuality education to women and youth including children.
• To promote community development and social work.
• To support peer education in schools and community out lets.
• Promoting HIV/AIDS awareness and life skills, behavior change, drugs reduction and leadership concepts.
• To promote a comprehensive feeding program and provision of stationeries for the children and students and street families.
• Promote netw