Junior Art Club (JAC)

Anloga, Ghana, Africa
We develop, empower and educate children and youth with the arts.

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work
Social Work
Women Empowerment

What We Need

JAC Arts Workshops 2018 -2019

Program Summary
The Junior Art Club aims to engender in youth aged 9-21 an awareness and investment in social and community issues through art and creative expressions. By using such tools, JAC empowers yhouth to approach and address issues that impact their worlds on their own terms in order to raise their standard of living. As a social and educational club, JAC is open to other youth living outside Ghana so as to provide a cross-cultural experience and also help them gain knowledge of each other as they interact in a relaxed creative atmosphere exchanging ideas. JAC welcomes donors, sponsors, organizations, institutions, individuals, and other corporate bodies both within and outside Ghana to join as members. The core skills required are personal interest and enthusiasm, creativity, self-motivation, and commitment. JAC is a unique place for unique teens who are interested in not only developing their talents but also making money from their original designs of creativity. The club welcomes both professional and amateur artists, painters, photographers, social workers, graphic designers, creative writers, dancers, dramatists, ICT specialists, film and video makers, and ecotourists.
Program Highlights
Participate in one of an array of art workshops in Ada and Keta District of Ghana.

Facilitate a workshop on ICT, creative writing, film and video making, performing arts, and ecotourism.

Work with children aged 9-18.

Gain international experience in a variety of fields, including Tourism, Education, and Sustainable Development.

Be part of JAC Theatre Spectacular program. Annual Traditional Festivals.


When & Who

Ghana: Big Ada, Ada Four- Greater Accra Region, Anloga,Keta -Volta Region
Program Duration
1-2 Weeks, 2-4 Weeks, 3-6 Months, 5-8 Weeks, 7-12 Months, 9-12 Weeks, 1-2 Years
Year(s) Offered
2018 - 2019,Year Round
All duration options depends on volunteer`s availability and resources to stay on.
Individuals, Groups, Retirees

What we Provide

Types: Homestay, Guesthouse, Volunteer House, Other

Depending on volunteers` taste and preference: example: shared rooms, bath,living room or own/single room own apartment etc. Let us know. If you need an exception accommodation that is beyond our budget, we will discuss it with you before you sign up.

Types: Variety, Vegetarian, Vegan

Breakfast, Lunch & Supper

Welcome Kit
Local SIM Card
Purified Drinking Water

Our Fees

$25 daily
$150 One-time

Registration & Administration Euro 100

Euro 500 - Per a month

Staff support

4 weeks accommodation in guest houses + breakfast + take

away lunch (days/Mon-frid) + meal diner

Workshop materials & deliverable

Airport pick up: available

Not included flight cost and insurance, excursions

Experience Required
Credit Available

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pretrip Assistance
Pick Up/Drop Off
Social Activities

Services prior to your arrival
• Official Junior Art Club (JAC) Welcome Pack with information on how to prepare for your project, including details on visa applications, medical
• advice and fundraising ideas
• A Customized Itinerary, outlining the course of your project
• including inductions, social events, and placement times
• Ongoing support services from Junior Art Club (JAC) responding to
any queries that you may have before, during and after your
placement Contact person during the whole preparation stage of your trip
• Customized volunteer placement regarding field of work, duration and dates
• Full co-ordination of the projects and your placement
• Organization of a language course if required
• Information about cheap flights, insurances, vaccination, and other important travel tips
• Administrative works

Services upon your arrival
• Lift to your accommodation
• Short introduction to the city
• Providing a "Starter-Pack"
• Detailed information regarding the respective city/town and its surroundings
• SIM - prepaid card
• Information about various leisure time activities
• Advice on public transport

Services during your volunteering
• Optional: Lift to your work place on your 1st working day
• Competent local contact persons
• Advice on the application and extension of your Visa
• What do you get for your money?
• Pick-up from the overseas airport
• 24-hour local support from the Junior Art Club (JAC) in-country staff
• Full co-ordination of the projects and your placement
• All food and comfortable accommodation
• A flexible itinerary of opportunities available during your project
• A series of social events and recreational activities
• A donation to project organization or materials that goes directly to the community group that you will be working with.
• A Junior Art Club (JAC) shirt & recommendation letter

Contact Person

P.O.BOX GP 1301, ACCRA, GHANA, Anloga, Ghana.

Other Ways to support us

Drumming, Drum making, Traditional cooking, Dancing, Basket and Kente weaving Lesson. Cost includes materials.

Volunteers are introduced to local professional artists for various training of their choice at a small fee, but where its a butter trade of artistic interchange ( volunteers from abroad exchange or teach certain skills in return to a local artist), no fees are required.

GENERAL MATERIALS (Art, Craft,Photography, Video/Film, Computers, & Painting materials)
TRANSPORTATION (Vehicles for general operation)
ADMINISTRATION (Logistics etc.,)

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Services prior to your arrival
Services upon your arrival
Services during your volunteering
Services prior to your departure and
Services upon your arrival in your home country

Things you need to take care of!
• Flights
• Insurance
• Visas
• Vaccinations
• Spending & Travel Money

If you have any further questions or want to discuss any aspect of costs, budgeting or fundraising, feel free to contact our team who will be more than happy to talk to you.

In Ada where we have one of our projects going on, the town and the surrounding villages also attract a lot of tourists especially during August when they celebrate the annual Asafotufia Festival. As a result, some volunteers like to program around the festival. The same can be said about Anloga and Keta where JAC also has projects going on. There is an annual festival in November.The event brings together all the chiefs and elders of Anlo-land at a colourful durbar to mark the annual event in the Volta Region. ‘HOGBETSOTSO’ is derived from the word ‘HOGBE’ or ‘HOHOGBE’ the day of exodus, the moment in time when the Ewes in the Dogbo quarter of the walled city of Nortsie in Togo. Volunteers usually come to see and prepare some of our children as part of the these festival celebrations.

Our vision is to use the Junior Art Club as a proven social and educational incubator capable of identifying and developing the creative potentials of children and the youth through the arts so as to provide them with progressive youth empowerment opportunities.
The mission of JAC is to engender in youth age (9-21) an awareness and investment in social and community issues through art and creative expression. By using such tools JAC empowers youth to approach and address the issues that impact their worlds on their own terms in order to raise their standard of living.
Founded in January 2000 by Kelvin Asare –Williams, Junior Art Club (JAC) is a fully registered non –governmental organization unearthing the creative and artistic talents of disadvantaged children & youth in urban slums using both educational and social approaches. The JAC began with the need to help 7 half naked children loitering around the streets of Kanda, apparently from Nima, an urban slum. With just pencils and sheet of papers torn from exercise books, the gradual process of identifying and developing the human spirit with the arts begun. In 2002 Flavia Di Mario, current Vice President of the Junior Art Club and a Volunteer established the JAC Italian branch. Currently, JAC has hundreds of members, over 20 major activity areas, a volunteer staff with representatives and branches in Accra- Nima, Kanda, Adeiso, Ada, Anloga, Daboase, Rome, Italy, Canada & USA.

MOTTO/TAG : Developing Children & Youth with the Arts

Mobile: + 233244237388
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+ 393383664734

Kponkpo Road, Near Mawusum Minya, Big Ada, Greater Accra Region, Ghana
OTHER OFFICES: Sitsofe Villa, behind Dzigbordi Lodge, Anloga, Volta Region

We also aim to help these youth cultivate action-oriented skills and job opportunities through integrated arts product and service designs and marketing which will provide a successful path for their generation's future needs and the human resource development of the country so long as the creative industry is concerned.
It is also the goal of the club to use creative and artistic modes of expression to address the socio-cultural, political, environmental and economic issues confronting the youth in our societies.
We also seek to create charitable funds for needy but brilliant students both within the club and outside the club, so as to help them through quality higher education.


Membership of JAC cuts across all ages, status, class, race and religion. Presently JAC members are from differently various backgrounds and occupations in life.

Membership is also opened to all and is categorized as:

Individuals – Schools – Institutions - Communities

As a social and an educational club we are also opened to other youth living outside the country so as to provide a cross - cultural experience and also help them gain knowledge of each other as they interact in a relaxed creative atmosphere exchanging ideas. We welcome donors, sponsors, organizations, institutions, individuals, and other corporate bodies both within and outside the country to join as members.