Kampuchean Action for Primary Education

Kampong Cham, Cambodia, South East Asia
KAPE is the largest local NGO in the education sector in Cambodia.

Volunteering Activities

Social Work
Women Empowerment

What We Need

the volunteer will have to fulfil. It is based on this task description that the volunteer accepts or declines the mission

• Key Deliverable: To put in place a Teacher Support/Supervision system in 5 schools that will ensure high standards of teacher professionalism.

Specific Tasks
• Familiarize him or herself with all program documents, especially those relating to the program design and background doucments on teacher education in Cambodia.
• Develop a Teacher Support System in 5 schools that includes both summative and formative evaluation, regular conferencing, career path planning, and a professional learning community.
• Develop training documentation that can be provided to organize this teacher support system
• Provide guidance to program and school staff who must animate the teacher support system including how to carry out individualized conferencing on a regular basis, observing teachers in a non-threatening way, and carry out team-teaching.
• Develop systematic procedures for documenting and tracking teachers in terms of their progress as professionals.
• Deliver training to school and program personnel on teacher supervision principles, summative and formative evaluation, microteaching principles, and other relevant expertise that may relate to teacher education.
• Use technology to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of helping teachers to grow professionally.
• Provide reports to the New Generation School Coordinator to include in Quarterly and Annual reporting to the donor.

When & Who

From May/2017 onward.
6 Months renewable

What we Provide


Living quarters will be identified by the volunteer with assistance from KAPE staff after arrival in county; the volunteer will be accommodated in a local hotel until proper quarters have been identified. We also provide some services such Medical Care and Communication Services.


Our Fees

No fees

Volunteer need to pay the airline fees.

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Contact Person

Provincial Teachers Training College (PTTC), National Road 7, Sangkat Veal Vong, Kampong Cham Town, Kampong Cham Province., Kampong Cham, Cambodia.

Additional Info about Us

More than 50 people

Kampuchean Action for Primary Education (KAPE) is the largest local NGO in the education sector in Cambodia. We are a nonprofit organization implementing projects and research at all levels of the education sector in Cambodia, with beneficiaries in primary schools, secondary schools and tertiary programs. Currently direct beneficiaries number well over 71,000 children and 1650 school directors and teachers at 165 schools across 11 provinces. We enjoy a long-term partnership and close cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS), international organizations and local education partners.

KAPE grew out of the Cambodia Assistance to Primary Education Project (CAPE), which was established in April 1996 to improve instructional quality in school clusters. Following the closure of the project, a group of committed CAPE staff at the Kampong Cham provincial project site persisted with their efforts. In cooperation with the Provincial Office of Education, they formed a committee garnering official status to follow up on technical activities. The committee evolved into a nonprofit local NGO known as KAPE and was registered with the Ministry of Interior in 1999.

KAPE is committed to increasing access to quality education for Cambodian children and young people and serving as an incubator for education innovation. Originally focused on primary education, we now deliver a wide range of programs across the education spectrum.