Volunteer with Ka’Way Monti

Ka’Way Monti

We are an eco-hostel centered in the Andean mountains working on permaculture projects and community development.


General day tasks:
-Maintaining compost pile
-Feeding animals (chickens, ducks, cats, etc)
-Weeding and maintaining projects.

Longer term tasks:
-Creation of new garden areas
-Developing irrigation system
-natural building projects (cob, dry stone construction)



One week


We provide a bed in our dormitory as well as 3 wholesome meals a day.

S/. 25 (Peruvian Soles) = ~$8


As a non-profit organization, Ka’Way Monti focuses on two main areas: community development, and holistic living. Our goal in community development is to support our partners in sustainable education (working with local schools) and creating opportunities for sustainable growth in both agriculture as well as ecotourism. At the hostel itself, we are focused on offering people the opportunity to both learn and participate in a holistic environment, working to create a closed loop system and learning environment.

5 to 10 people

Huaraz, Peru.

Our program does include a S/. 25 (Peruvian Soles) a day fee, to cover the costs of food during a volunteer's stay. This fee pays for three wholesome meals a day, and allows us to higher two fantastic Quechuan cooks who work with us daily.


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