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Educate, Empower & Enable women and girls children of the disadvantaged and impoverished, to build a better life.

The Kenosis Foundation (KF) is a not-for-profit voluntary organization which works among women, girls, and children of disadvantaged and impoverished communities. It supports health, education, and livelihood projects in order to educate, empower and enable women and children in India. We are located in Bangalore city in a communication office in the south part of India. As we are not a funded organization, we are constantly looking for voluntary support.

We offer overseas voluntary work placements in teaching, care, conservation & environment, medicine & healthcare, women’s empowerment, social work internships, law and human rights, health and community development, micro-finance, and micro-credit and more.


- Anyone above 17 years can apply.
- Affordable prices, which covers your food, stay, airport pick up, local project transfer, training, and placement, cultural exchange, certificate at the end of volunteer work, etc.


- Plan your volunteer Start End date of your volunteering and duration, submit Application Form before 2 - 3 months or latest by 45 days to your actual volunteering start date or departure from your home country.


- Pay a deposit of $ 350 (included in your program fee) and reserve your seat.
- Failure to make a deposit may lead to cancellation of your application form or may attract additional fee of 200 USD for one project/per head.


- Best discounted prices for students or group volunteering or couple or family. Contact us immediately with your details of group, start date & End Date and duration in weeks. We shall get back to you to discuss further and help you to plan your trips.

Our Activities

What We Need

You got several roles and responsibilities; you can choose or learn from our staffs depending on your destinations and projects.

1. TEACHING PROJECTS: Teach Basic conversation English, reading, writing, comprehension abilities, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, spoken language skills, sentence making, Help and assist them practice and improve their language skills, teach fun, sports, arts, music, drama, including lessons that help to develop the pupils' confidence, hygiene practices, life skills, other subjects teach Basic computer & IT skills, MS word, PowerPoint presentation, painting, hardware & software, switch on & off computer, internet, social media, CV making, career skills, and leadership skills and training healthcare providers on various topics.

2. CHILDCARE PROJECTS: Help & assist local teaching staff in schools to help with daily homework, teach basic literacy, and numeracy skills, spoken in English, organize new games, songs, rhymes, and other educational activities, health and hygiene, sharing love, care, and showing emotional supports, assisting local staff and get involved with every aspect of the school children's daily routine, help in gardening, assist staff in preparing food in the school kitchen, cleaning and organizing library and the school campus, and provide healthcare.

3. PUBLIC HEALTH & MEDICINE: work in a variety of departments observing and learning from experienced local doctors and nurses in General Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Maternity, ENT, and Paediatrics’, Also, spend a few days working in Neurology, the mortuary, Rheumatology, and the chest clinic, organize regular medical outreach work and workshops for our medical interns, travel to a local rural communities and town to carry out basic medical checks on the local community, while being supervised and supported by qualified doctors and carry out important work in a community based environment, organize health camps, visit schools and centres to give presentations and raise awareness about various healthcare issues, distribution of medicine, de-warming pills, polio drops, and hygiene health kits.

4. ELECTIVES FOR PRE-MED STUDENTS: observing local professionals and performing routine tasks in various departments at hospitals, clinics, and community outreach programs, be involved in the day-to-day running of hospitals and clinics, observing or sometimes directly assisting doctors and nurses. You might find yourself, for example, watching your doctor in the operating room or working with a doctor on his rounds in a big city hospital. You can sometimes help out in simple but practical ways, vastly increasing your own knowledge and understanding of medical practice. Help and assist local staffs in organizing campaigns, outreach programs, and local community health clinic, to increase public awareness around health issues, to offer free health checks and basic medication, polio drops, de-warming pills, and skills and use of feminine health kits to suburban or remote communities, visit local schools to lead health and hygiene, sanitation classes.

5. MICROFINANCE & MICROCREDIT: Develop business plans, marketing strategies, loan accounts, opening individual & group bank accounts in local cooperative banks, monitoring the targeted individuals & groups who have already received loans, conducting workshops, meetings, mentoring, guidance with follow up services, help them build profitable & sustainable small business training by giving them training to become self-sufficient and independent, following complete reimbursement, select new candidates, set up micro credit tailoring such as production of feminine sanitary napkins, rearing chickens & making & selling jewellery, cloth shops, food selling, fruit and vegetable vending, maintain record and book keeping, and report writing and explore and get immersed in different culture and way of life.

6. WOMEN & GIRL’S EMPOWERMENT: Organize sports and cultural entertainment activities with girls, & young mothers, teaching adult literacy, running awareness on women's rights, safety, self esteem and making a living, menstruation, early pregnancy, safety, girl's rights and sexual health, organize and facilitate health and hygiene awareness programs, health camps, and other recreational activities to boost their self confidence, help young mothers in social media and photography skills and improve their skills in advocacy and fundraising for the community, training women income generating skills, agriculture initiatives, teaching English, computer and IT skills, increase their confidence level., farm work - digging land / irrigation tracks, planting seedlings / vegetables, feeding animals / milking cows, maintaining crops or building shelters, help children reading, running homework clubs and playing games.

7. SOCIAL WORK INTERNSHIP: Assisting with public outreach activities, employment skills training and search jobs in business sectors, helping counsel, and mentoring women and young people, developing resources for health education and leadership, capacity building workshops and programs in schools and communities, public awareness programs, health camps, and summer camps, providing basic English lessons, basic in computer and IT skills, sessions in hygiene, female anatomy, puberty, adolescent growth, nutrition, in schools and communities, provide emergency health care and medicine supports and create referral services with local health care clinics and multi-specialty hospitals to access free services as a trained psychologist or social worker, help provide assistance and care to the local community, interact with local families and provide emotional support and care to local children while working alongside a trained professional.

8. CONSTRUCTION & RENOVATION: Help to build walls, digging foundations, mix mortar, lay-blocks, plaster, painting, minor repairs, and more, for schools, libraries, and home, help build water and sanitation facilities, orphanages, build toilet facilities, better quality homes, classrooms for school children, local household families, repair the homes of people in need, learn how to make bricks from mud and water, before building walls, plastering and painting, fixing windows, doors, tiles to the floor, pipe lines, electric and wiring.

9. LAW & HUMAN RIGHTS: Assist staff to organize, conduct and Offer free legal advice to clients in disadvantaged, work on cases for children in need of support in township areas, run education, awareness, and life skills workshops for youth offenders and at-risk women, plan and capture case work once a week, work on legal cases including refugee, labor, family, and criminal law, as well as other issues, assisting walk-in clients attend court and conduct moot court hearings, address the issues of abuse and violence against women & human trafficking, help women prepare administrative documents, assist women with applying for their Ids, organize and run workshops focused on building skills and confidence levels and more.

10. WEBSITE WORK: Create simple & professional graphic website, help & maintain social media, webinar, create clear & user friendly navigation, login features, search engine optimization, web compatibility, online applications, Video & photo editing, write quality content, script for videos, coding & modifying websites, resize or crop an image, customize the colours, & apply some effects.

All year round.
maximum 4 weeks to 3 - 6 months or a year.

What We Provide

Homestay, Guesthouse, Volunteer House

Volunteers stay either in private rooms with a local host family or guest houses in the organization campus itself. The host families are carefully selected because they are friendly, welcoming, and will go out of their way to look after our volunteers. The rooms or houses are usually within the project campus or within walking distance. Where we cannot provide host families we place our volunteers together in secure accommodation. Laundry can be washed by hand or given to accommodation staff to wash for an additional fee. WiFi may or may not be available at this project or accommodations. We can assist you to buy Indian SIM card in 10 mints and activate it for you. It's very cheaper and affordable at 5-10 Dollars a month to 3 months

Variety, Vegetarian, Vegan

3 meals per day are included through 7 days a week; purified water will also be available. and typical Indian and western delicious and variety of dishes include, Dosa, Bread, Jam, noodles, vegetables, soups, Chappati, butter, tuna, coconut, and rice, milk, coffee, tea, and snacks. You will be provided with both and non vegetarian and it’s your choice. If you got dietary restriction, let us know, we can organize and provide your needs.

Important Info

Suitable For

Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups, Retirees

Minimum Stay

1 week

Staff Size

5 to 10 people

On-site Volunteers (Average)



Airport pick-up and drop-off, accommodation, 3 meals a day for 7 days a week, first aid and emergency medical care, full induction and orientation with an experienced staff member on arrival, transport to and from your work placement, local project transfer, in-country support and 24-hour back-up from our team of full-time local staff, emergency assistance from our international emergency response team, project equipment and materials, including access to our database with thousands of resources, a supervisor / mentor at your work placement, training and workshops from our experienced local staff, regular social events and community activities with other volunteers, access to our local office with internet connection, certification or a work experience letter of project completion, access to our alumni services and discounts and transfers to and from our specified (Bangalore International Airport) airport.

Visa support and advice, Fundraising support, including your own personalized fundraising website, Pre-departure preparation by your own specialist Volunteer Advisor, accommodation and destination, and a free cultural awareness course, membership to our volunteer social media groups, to share information and to get in touch.

Pay a advance or deposit of 350 $ (included in your program fee) and reserve your seats before 2-3 months advance.


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Help out from Home

Logo and Graphic Design
Create/Update our Website
Social Media Help
Document Translation
Video/Photo Editing
Editing Work
Grant Writing

Graphic Design Website:
*We need online volunteer to create and update our current website or help us with a new graphic design website and social media help.

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Kenosis Foundation, House plot # 18/1, K- 4th Street, Ashoknagar, Brigade Road,, Bengaluru, India.
100% response rate , 68 hour(s) response time.

Additional Info

Summer Holiday ( 4 weeks in May):
During the months of May (4 weeks), all schools are closed for the summer holiday in India. However, we still need good number of volunteers to support during the summer break to organize and facilitate several activities in the local communities and schools.

During these summer holidays, after school programs (ASP), summer camps, health camps, sports and cultural activities, are organized in schools and local communities for the regular school going children and youths who are dropped out of regular schooling and also work with women and youth empowerment and construction and renovation of those undeserved communities by constructing and renovating community buildings such as schools, toilets! Volunteer tasks may include teaching English and other basic classes, leading sports activities, leading environmental awareness campaigns, health and hygiene skills, within the schools and village and more.

Volunteers are provided food, stay, airport pick up and drop off etc as we do for all other programs. So, you can very well apply and get involved in volunteering with us.

Our Wish List

Education supplies, cloths, used second hand laptops, books, hardware and software, toys and so on.

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