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Kep Gardens Association

Kep Gardens Association is a vocational training center in rural Cambodia teaching various skills to help the local village youth gain employment.

We have 3 main sections:
1. English School
2. Trade Skills
3. Education Support Fund

Our Activities

What We Need

Reading or conversation on a one-on-one basis
Classroom teaching of a particular topic
Help train sports teams (football, volleyball)
If a trade skill, teach apprentices
Share art or music skills with the students
Fundraising with friends

October to December
January to April
May to August
44 weeks of the year - specific dates given on request for English school
Our programmes are structured so that the volunteer and Kep Gardens gain from even a short stay duration. It is up to the volunteer as to what time they have available. Obviously, the longer you can stay, the more you will gain from your experience.

What We Provide


3 meals per day, a combination of Khmer and European, 2 meals followed by fruit plates
All the fresh water, tea and coffee you can drink
Shared room cleaned every day with ensuite bathroom (cold water)
Wifi when generator running from 5.00-10.00pm
Village walks and other sight seeing tours
Attendance at community events
One-on-one contact with students of varying ages
Inclusion in the Kep Gardens' family
In other words, living in a village within a Khmer village

Important Info

Suitable For

Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups

Minimum Stay

Any period of time

Staff Size

5 to 10 people


$20 per day food and accommodation
Transport not included
Some sight seeing tours may incur a small cost as we need to pay local guides

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Help out from Home


Any help to find sources of funds will be greatly appreciated.

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Your Contact Person

Janine Judd
Kampong Tralach Village, Prey Thom Commune, Kep City, Cambodia, Kep, Cambodia.
100% response rate , 59 hour(s) response time.

Other Information

200 students from the Kampong Tralach Village and nearby market town. Volunteers live in a Cambodian village, have daily contact with the village community. Students vary in age from 2 years old to early 20's. A great learning experience of the Khmer culture.

Our Wish List

English teachers
Musical instruments from play instruments for the young playgroup children through to volunteers running an extra musical programme for the older students out of class time.
The same wish for art classes.
We wish to broaden the students' experiences as much as possible.
Not only the students but others within the community who have no opportunity to follow an interest or talent.

What are you waiting for?

We at Kep Gardens Association would love to hear from you!