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The Kibbutz Volunteer Program Center offers working and living on the Kibbutz while learning about the country.

After the Six-Day War in 1967, a wave of volunteers from all over the world began arriving in Israel. Their intentions were to show their goodwill towards the State of Israel and the Israeli People, by becoming kibbutz volunteers.

The notion of a kibbutz community carrying out the true principles of a socialistic society, having all work, property and profit equally shared by its members, intrigued the volunteers. The will to become part of this unique community grew stronger among the foreigners. Within short time, thousands of volunteers were arriving annually in Israel for the purpose of becoming kibbutz volunteers. Thus, the need for a department that could center all the organizational work surrounding the kibbutz volunteers was created.

The kibbutz is an original and unique Israeli creation – a multi-generation, rural settlement, characterized by its collective and cooperative community lifestyle, democratic management, responsibility for the welfare of each adult member and child, and shared ownership of its means of production and consumption.

Our Activities

What We Need

Agriculture, service branches (dining room, kitchen, laundry, gardening), animals, tourism, factory, packing house.

Short term volunteers - 2 months Long term volunteers - 12 months

What We Provide


The kibbutz provides rooms (two to three people per room). The volunteers receive three meals a day in the kibbutz. In some kibbutzes the common dining room serves only lunch. In this case, the volunteers are provided with a small kitchen with cooking facilities and groceries to cook breakfast and dinner for themselves. The volunteers then cook and eat together.

Laundry service is provided and volunteers also receive monthly pocket money.

Important Info

Suitable For


Minimum Stay

1 or more months

Staff Size

Up to 5 people


The volunteers have to pay 1300NIS upon their arrival to our office. The extension fee is subject to the duration on the program.

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13 Leonardo De Vinchi Str. Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel.
91% response rate

Application Process

Please register one month in advance through the following application link:


The placement in the Kibbutz is subject to the interview and to the vacancies in the Kibbutzim at the time of the volunteers' arrival to our office in Tel Aviv.

Other Information

The kibbutz movement does not cover travelling expenses nor accept children/ expectant mothers.

The volunteers are free to use the sports facilities of the kibbutz and the swimming pool. In most kibbutzes, a pub and even a disco is arranged for the volunteers and the younger population.

The health insurance which the volunteer is required to purchase by us is especially designed for the volunteer program, covering all kinds of emergencies, i.e.: need for medicine, hospitalization, ambulatory services, emergency room, etc. For any situation that demands health treatment the volunteers can approach the kibbutz's Clinique.

Upon arrival, the volunteers are asked to leave a deposit in the kibbutz (about 400 NIS) as security against the kibbutz's belongings that the volunteers use during their stay and against situations in which the volunteer does not inform the volunteer coordinator, at least two weeks in advance, regarding the date of departure from the Kibbutz.

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