Kibbutz Movement

Tel Aviv, Israel, Europe
We offer the opportunity to work and live in a Kibbutz while learning about the country of Israel.

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work
Animal Care

What We Need

Volunteers may be assigned many different types of work including agriculture, service branches (dining room, kitchen, laundry, gardening), animals, tourism, factory, assisting the packing house. Volunteering hours vary depending on the type of work you are assigned but you're generally expected to work 8 ½ hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week.

- Aged 18-35
- In good health
- Possesses a good knowledge of English

When & Who

All year-round
Yes, we require a minimum of 2 Months
Individuals, Groups

What we Provide

Types: Volunteer House

Two to three people per room


Volunteers receive three meals a day in the kibbutz. In some kibbutzes, the common dining room only serves lunch; in this case, volunteers are provided with a small kitchen with cooking facilities and groceries to cook breakfast and dinner for themselves.

Wifi & Satellite
Hot Water
Air Conditioning
First Aid
Swimming Pool
Laundry Service
Hospital Transport
Purified Drinking Water

Volunteers receive monthly pocket money.

Our Fees

$6 daily
$500 One-time

The volunteers have to pay 40$ for processing fee on line, by credit card, after they complete the registration procedure through our website . After that the volunteers will wait to receive, the approval of their volunteer visa. Once approved, the volunteer can fly to Israel and meet us in our office in Tel Aviv. Following a short interview with us the volunteer is placed in a Kibbutz and is given instructions how to get to the Kibbutz by public transportation. The volunteer has to pay in the office 1300NIS (about $360) for registration. The extension fee is subject to the duration of the program.

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Social Activities

Laundry service is provided

Volunteers have 2 days holiday per month (excluding Saturdays).

Contact Person

13 Leonardo De Vinchi Str. Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Hadar - Registrant of volunteers to the program, before arrival to Israel
Mor - Registrant of volunteers to the Kibbutz after arrival to Israel
Aya - Director


The kibbutz movement does not cover traveling expenses nor does it accept children/expecting mothers.

Volunteers are free to use the sports facilities of the kibbutz and the swimming pool. In most kibbutzes, a pub and disco are available to volunteers.

Volunteers are required to purchase health insurance, which is designed by us especially for the volunteer program. It covers all kinds of emergencies including the need for medicine, hospitalization, ambulatory services, emergency room, etc. For any situation that demands health treatment, volunteers can use the kibbutz's Clinique.

Upon arrival, volunteers are asked to leave a security deposit in the kibbutz (about $100) for the kibbutz's belongings that the volunteers use during their stay and for situations in which the volunteer does not inform the volunteer coordinator at least two weeks in advance of their departure from the Kibbutz.

What you should pack:
- Two towels
- Good, comfortable shoes for physical work
- Enough clothes for ten days (warm clothes for the winter and light clothes for the summer)

It is not recommended to bring valuable items because there is not always a safety box in the Kibbutz.

Please register one month in advance through the following

The placement in the Kibbutz is subject to your interview and to the vacancies in the Kibbutzim at the time of the volunteers' arrival at our office in Tel Aviv.

Volunteers are needed all year long

The word kibbutz means ‘gathering’; it is a uniquely Israeli type of settlements deeply rooted in the values of social responsibility, communal and cooperative living, and Jewish culture and tradition.

After the Six-Day War in 1967, a wave of volunteers from all over the world began arriving in Israel. They wanted to show their goodwill towards the State of Israel and the Israeli People by becoming kibbutz volunteers.

The volunteers were intrigued by the notion of a kibbutz community carrying out the true principles of a socialistic society - having all work, property, and profit equally shared by its members. The will to become part of this unique community grew stronger among the foreigners. Within a short time, thousands of volunteers were arriving annually in Israel for the purpose of becoming kibbutz volunteers. Thus, the need for a department that could center all the organizational work surrounding the kibbutz volunteers was created.

The kibbutz is an original and unique Israeli creation – a multi-generation, rural settlement, characterized by its collective and cooperative community lifestyle, democratic management, responsibility for the welfare of each adult member and child, and shared ownership of its means of production and consumption.

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