Nairobi, Kenya, Africa
We are a community sports development organization involved in community development and sustainable community activities.

Volunteering Activities

Web Work

What We Need

fundraising ,web work and general resource mobilization.


When & Who

we need the volunteers soonest.
one month. .
Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups

What we Provide

Types: Guesthouse, Other

Community meeting and prayers culture dance and food working wit more kids

Types: Variety, Accommodate Dietary Restrictions

Rice,beans,ugali,chapatis,sukumawikli,potatoes, fish,greens

First Aid

Our Fees

$100 daily
$250 One-time

$150 per week and will cater for food ,accommodation,transport,internet,stationary.
traditional food will be served.
airport pickup is $ 100 two way.
this money will be injected to help the program.

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pretrip Assistance
Pick Up/Drop Off

Pickup/dropoff.hiring of cab,tours visiting wildlife parks, mountain ,springs cost per park's cost the volunteers will pay ,pretrip assistance fee only when hiring cabs visiting wildlife parks ,cost and total 30$ dollars,pick up and drop 50$ dollars

Contact Person

4149400100, Nairobi, Kenya.

Other Ways to support us

Training in sports and community clean ups

Fun and the best training and clean ups come learn clean the trench and learn about training in life skills and sports


We hopefully need some operations machine lap tops cameras
Football equipment kits and food program

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

Tuesday to Friday,satday and Sunday time 10.00am up to 500pm


we are a community organization with program challenge's that need proper collaboration .
our are is full of poverty and hiv/aids and not forgetting drug abuse .
youth ,children and women are really affected in our community. hence support.

we work with communities to develop talents and economic development with in the slums in kebera.
the project aim is to provide a platform for development for women and youth in our are of jurisdiction.
This is a source of inspiration to the community in our area.HIV/aids is a big problem along side organization is called kibera sports academy we are in kibera slum's at large our base is in kibera Nairobi county we deal with kid's, youths women and girl's at large we develop talent empower men and youths in business and train life skills, our project are environment ,sports for up to date today,we are in sports and environment, life skills, education supports, we exactly need the volunteers to come and volunteer wit us in our programes,out reach,meet our team and help in our activities clean ups organgansier tournament for both boys and girl's help us in development areas such us feeding programme, kits then administration parts, fundraising, volunteers also learn our language, visit wildlife, bomas of Kenya for dance and culture activities