Kids Are The World

Brufut, Gambia, Africa
We are an organisation that helps families and children from a disadvantaged background in The Gambia.

Volunteering Activities

Social Work

What We Need

We need volunteers who are willing to participate in different processes of education. We mainly work in educational-career centre which offers different free activities for locals, starting with nursery school, afternun activities for kids, individual lessons and help with homework for kids, summer camps for kids, educational classes such as computer class, small business class, sewing and tailoring class, photography class, also there is a need for help with landscaping since centre is still in the process of construction.

When & Who

Volunteers in year 2020 are welcome to join us anytime from 15th February on, except in the time of Ramadan (from 23rd of April till 23rd of May).

Group expeditions are planned for:
15.2.2020 - 1.3.2020 – WINTER EXPEDITION
3.3.2020 - 18.3.2020 – GODPARENTS EXPEDITION 1
4.4.2020 -19.4.2020 – EASTER EXPEDITION
27.6.2020 - 18.7.2020 – SUMMER EXPEDITION 1
18.7.2020 - 8.8.2020 – SUMMER EXPEDITION 2
8.8.2020 - 29.8.2020 – SUMMER EXPEDITION 3
29.8.2019 - 19.9.2020 – SUMMER EXPEDITION 4
19.9.2020 - 10.10.2020 – SEPTEMBR EXPEDITION
24.10.2020 - 7.11.2020 – AUTUMN EXPEDITION
21.11.2020 - 5.12.2020 – GODPARENTS EXPEDITION 2
21.12.2020 - 4.1.2021 – CHRISTMAS-NEW YEAR EXPEDITION
Yes, we require a minimum of 14 Days
Minimum stay is 14 days, for certain types of volunteer programs minimum stay is 3 or 4 weeks.
Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups, Retirees

What we Provide

Types: Volunteer House

Rooms available in volunteer village
- Room for 1 with bathroom
- Room for 2 with bathroom
- Room for 3 with bathroom
- Room for 4 with bathroom

Types: Variety

Ve offear meat and vegetarian meals. It is a combination of European and Gambian cuisine, adapted to European habits.

Our Fees

$21 daily
$170 One-time

One time fee is reservation fee which also incloudes:
• Online preparatory activities
• Educational training
• Guide with all the tips and useful information
• Certificates and other documentation
• Two shirts – mandatory volunteer uniform
• Help and advice in arranging travel
• Arrangement of free entry to the country (without paying visa fee)
• Transport from and to Gambia airport
• Welcome pack on arrival to Gambia
• Introductory walk around the area
• Certificate of completed work

Daily fee incloudes:
• Accommodation in the volunteer village (double room with a bathroom)
• Regular cleaning of the apartment, changing of linen once a week, security, electricity, water, wifi
• Breakfast and lunch (combination of European and Gambian cuisine, adapted to European habits)
• Assistance in organizing leisure activities and field trips by local members of organization
• Involvement in current local activities (ceremonies, wrestling, Sunday mass, holiday celebration…)
• Gambia coordination and guidance information

Daily fee can vary due to the choice of accomodation type. To check also other types of accomodation, contact us on and find out our offer.

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Social Activities

We offer number of tours which enable volunteers to get a deeper insight into the local culture and life. Also we offer a wide range of free time activities, such as dancing classes, drumming on the beach, cooking classes. Price depends on the number of atendees. Additional fees are payed on the location. All activities are organised in cooperation with local partners.

Contact Person

Jasmina Kozinc
Ghana Town, Brufut, Gambija, Brufut, Gambia.

Other Ways to support us

- donations (money) is best used to enable us further construction of educational-career centre and also good for supporting local bussiness while spending it in Gambia
- used tablets, computers, smartphones, cameras, sewing machines, laptops, projectors, bluetooth speakers
- school and office supplies
- art and creative supplies

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Coordination of the volunteers, giving information, helping volunteers, help with organising tours and activities, tour guiding.


We offer summer camps durring school holidays. We are organising workshops for kids from the village, mostly those who are not gong to regular school. Workshops are combination of fun and education.

Kids are the world is a humanitarian organisation with the mission to give possibility for education to the deprived children and help them on their way to their independence. We are active in three fields that are strongly connected: godparenting (sponsorships), volunteering and ongoing projects. Our biggest so far is building an educational-career centre.
Let us take you on a short journey of smile, love and hope for better future. Since 2012, Gambia has been our second home and a loving host. Although we first came there to give help, we received so much in return: knowledge, values, friends and family. We would love to share a part of it with you.