Kids Saving the Rainforest

We are a non-profit organization that works toward protecting the animals and biodiversity of Costa Rica

Volunteering Activities

Animal Care
Conservation Work

What We Need

All participants will work under the supervision of the Wildlife Sanctuary Manager , KSTR Biologist and the Volunteer Coordinator while working alongside KSTR. Daily duties include preparing food for animals, feeding animals twice a day, recording animal behavior and health, cleaning cages, and collecting enrichment for the sanctuary animals.

Here at KSTR, we have four main projects that you may be helping us with.
1. Wildlife Sanctuary: Animals who are not able to be released are permanent residents in our animal sanctuary, where we try to provide an enriched environment for the animals to live out their lives. Volunteers assist with providing enrichment and helping with the feedings.
2. Wildlife Rescue Center: KSTR rescues and rehabilitates animals who are injured, orphaned, electrocuted, etc. We have taken in kinkajous, squirrel monkeys, sloths, anteaters, squirrels, birds, and so much more!
3. Monkey Bridge Project: KSTR works with the local electrical company to put ropes up across roads to give animals an alternative pathway to cross.
4. Reforestation Project: KSTR initially started out as a reforestation program and has since grown to what it is today. Despite all of our new additions, we continue to be passionate about reforestation!

When & Who

A minimum stay of two weeks is required.

What we Provide


Volunteers get to stay in our amazing volunteer center, where we will provide a bed in a bunk room, with access to laundry and food. All food is included, but only lunch is prepared for volunteers on a daily basis.


Our Fees

No fees

14+ days; $100 registration fee; $880 volunteers fee; $70 per night; $980 total
21+ days; $150 registration fee; $1215 volunteers fee; $65 per night; $1365 total
30+ days; $200 registration fee; $1600 volunteers fee; $60 per night; $1800 total
60+ days; $250 registration fee; $4700 volunteers fee; $55 per night; $4950 total
90+ days; $100 registration fee; $2400 volunteers fee; $28 per night; $2500 total

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Contact Person

Jennifer Rice
Concepcion de Naranjito, Quepos, Costa Rica.

Additional Info about Us

10 to 20 people

KSTR was founded by two nine-year old girls, and works to protect the rainforests of Costa Rica. The two girls were living in Costa Rica when they noticed that the rainforest was disappearing and saw that it was having a negative impact on the animals. This inspired them to create KSTR and save the rainforest! Over the past sixteen years, we have grown tremendously and now have an animal sanctuary, where we take care of animals who are not able to be released, as well as an animal rescue clinic, where we take care of animals that were orphaned injured, etc.