Volunteer with Kigamboni Community Centre (KCC)

Kigamboni Community Centre (KCC)

Dar es Salaam/Kigamboni, Tanzania, Africa
We are the Kigamboni Community Centre (KCC)

Human Rights

Fundraising, website designer, office work as administrator, teaching and sports.

Any time from now

2 weeks to one year or on going


Thi is the decision of the volunteers depend where they want to stay but there are several options to stay in the local families, at the lodges, beach lodges or renting a room. But all the cost will be paid by a volunteers which will be around 45$ to 200% per week include meal.

120$ to 300$ depend the time you will stay and work. And the cost should be pay when a volunteer arrive at the project.


Create/Update our Website
Social Media Help
Accounting Assistance
Grant Writing

Would be very helpful to get online volunteers who can help in the erea I mentioned up there. We are very looking for the mentioned experience people who can do what we asked.

KCC established on 2007 through 4 friends who had talents, common mind, ambitions and the urge to serve the community, hence their got assistance from hundreds of local people and international volunteers and it was registered as a Non-Government Organization in Tanzania on 2009.
KCC has grown to offer a number of services and opportunities to the community as of now there more than 35 local volunteers serving the community. With objective to assist the Community at large focusing on the social, educational and economic needs.
To encourages youth and children to discover their talents and potentiality in life through participating fully in doing KCC activities.
To promote and rise attention to health issues and mutual support among the community.

20 to 50 people

P.O.Box 4746 Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam/Kigamboni, Tanzania.

Please if there is any one who interest to come and volunteer in KCC write to us on info@kccdar.com, kcc.dar@gmail.com or refata03@gmail.com
Your all very welcome to our great project

We will show good cooperation to all our volunteers and they will have great opportunity to learn from us a job that we are doing to help the community and meet with people from all over the world to learn from each other.


What are you waiting for?

We at Kigamboni Community Centre (KCC) would love to hear from you!