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Kipepeo Community Emwpowerment Program

Luanda, Kenya, Africa
We are a Community Based Organization, Non-Profit and Non-Governmental that help spearhead community driven development initiatives and enable needy community groups( women, youths, children) participate in integrated activities to achieve quality livelihood and be self-sustainable.

Women Development


a) Early Childhood Development & Primary Teachers – Volunteers get involved in teaching baby classes, pre-care, pre-unit and class one (1) to class four (4), involved in lesson planning and timetable structuring, testing and examining. Organizing and participating in co-curricular activities eg sports, physical exercises, dance, songs and composition, creative activities eg molding and clay works, painting and artistic works, drawing and general recreational activities. They will also held in feeding program at the school, helping offering meals to children during break time and lunch time at the school. The opportunities are available at Kipepeo Community Education Centre, a community school established by KCEP to offer education to children from needy and resource poor families in our communities of Luanda.

b) Computer Lessons Tutors - The work involves giving basic computer training to orphans and vulnerable, youths and women in the communities of Luanda. The volunteer will offer training of Microsoft office packages which includes; Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms Publisher, Ms PowerPoint, Ms Access, Ms outlook, Email and Internet, making training schedules for the classes, offering assessment tests and grading. They can also offer other skills like web design, graphics among others. The classes take place at KCEP offices.

c) Community Microfinance Project Trainers and facilitators– The work involves creation of microfinance groups, training using VSL methodology (Available at KCEP) monthly meetings monitoring and supervision, data collection during group meetings, assist in design and production of savings passbooks, updating computer database on every group performance, entrepreneurship training and business development to members of the groups and small scale businesses for women in the communities. The project takes place in Luanda and Emuhaya sub counties and it involves travelling from one place to another in the rural villages where community groups are located and carry their meetings. Other support services are dome at KCEP office.
d) Orphans & Vulnerable Children Project - The work involves provision of mentorship in leadership and development, assistance in tuition and learning of basic education subjects taught at schools eg English, Math, Science, Creative Art, Reading, feeding orphans; which includes offering arm meal during lunch break and well as helping in cooking and preparing the meals, bereavement/psychological counseling, education support, recreational activities (games, drawing, arts, and music), training of care givers in HIV prevention and home based care, and training them in basic computer skills, home visits and school visits, data capturing of the OVC and updates on their status and performance in schools. Recommendations and monthly report preparation.

e) Street Children Project Facilitators - Volunteers get involved in the provision of counseling, mentorship and leadership development, capacity building training in business development and entrepreneurship, microfinance training/monitoring, recreational activities like sports, physical activities. Drug abuse education and its effect, Rehabilitation and re-integration back to the society, sanitation and hygiene education, feeding program and home visits. The project takes place in Luanda town.

f) Construction and Manual Work - The work involves hand assistance in construction activities, landscaping, making bricks for building the KCEP resource centre, repair and maintenance of the KCEP offices and Kipepeo Community Education Centre school, painting and branding at the school.

g) HIV & AIDS Awareness Project - The work involves providing psychological support to HIV positive people, economic empowerment through training in business, visits to health centre for HIV and AIDS assessment, home visits to bed ridden HIV patients, home based care training for guardians of HIV patients, hospital visits, stone painting with HIV and AIDS awareness messages.HIV testing and counseling services.

h) Work Camps – Volunteers get involved in community activities, construction work, environmental clean-ups and education, landscaping, intercultural exchange activities, construction work on Kipepeo Community Resource Centre. Mostly short term activities. The works takes place between the months of June-August every year.(Summer)

i) Football Coach for Street Children Football Club - The work involves coaching football with the street children, organizing frequent physical exercises, organizing tournaments with KCEP staff, organizing exchange visits with the local teams and management of uniforms and games items.

j) Youth and women empowerment- Volunteers get involved in mentorship and motivational talks to youths and women, career guidance and counseling, help in formation of youth and women group for economic empowerment, capacity building trainings in leadership, school outreach program for self esteem strengthening and counseling both primary and secondary schools, HIV/AIDS and STI education, rights education, formation and establishment of forums and discussions/debates on any pertinent issue that affects youths and young women, economic empowerment though business skills trainings, opportunity identification and establishment of groups for microfinance at village level.

k) Office Assistant - Assisting in office work, photocopying, design and printing of microfinance passbooks, lamination and binding, assisting in orientation for other new volunteers, participating in KCEP partnerships events in the community, assisting in organizing local fundraising events for the construction the Kipepeo Community Resource Centre. Assist in web design, updates and social media marketing of KCEP organization projects to potential supporters across the globe.

l) Fundraising Assistant - Assisting in fundraising for KCEP projects, both online and organizing events to enable raise funds to support KCEP projects and construction of a community resource centre as well as enable collection of electronic machines like old laptops, ipads, cameras, printers, electric sockets, video cameras for KCEP office use, project documentation purposes and community empowerment through information technology.

All opportunities are open throughout the year except for school which operates from January to March, June to July and September to November. April, August and December are school holidays as per Kenyan school calendar.

3 Weeks


a) Accommodation –We provide housing where volunteers will stay throughout their volunteering period.
b) Food/ Meals- Three meals a day ie Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
c) working materials eg manila papers, paints, construction materials and supplies, teaching aid
d) Emergency support to volunteers-Call and make arrangement for ambulance services, transportation to nearest health facility, first aid support
e) Project preparation, Orientation and Facilitation

USD 300 Per month per volunteer
As KCEP does not receive any funding, the volunteer pays a monthly contribution of $300 per month for the upkeep of the organization and themselves at the project. Below if the detailed breakdown information on the volunteer’s contribution.
a) Food and accommodation – $150
b) Office Administration (rent, electricity, stationeries, facilitation charts, felt pens, internet services, repair and maintenance of machines, staff motivation (10% to go to KIPEPEO ONE SHILLING PROJECT)- $100
(The one shilling project is KCEP”s initiative of fundraising to enable the organization continue the construction of a community resource centre that is already underway. The resource centre once completed will empower the community through life skill development as well as host KCEP organization offices.
c) Contingency fee (emergency) – $10
d) Project preparation, Orientation and Facilitation -$40


Create/Update our Website
Social Media Help
Document Translation
Accounting Assistance
Grant Writing

Volunteers will help out in frequent website updates to ensure that our organization maintains and keep relevant information that we share with the world.
Assistance in social media marketing to spread the word about our projects, voluntary service, how we do it and share our success stories with the outside world.
Help translate our projects documents eg brochures, website, profiles from English to other languages to help reach out to more people who speak different languages rather than English, for mobilization of volunteers for project participation and other supporting material and financial.
Fundraising activities to raise funds to support our projects, implement an activity, help in raising funds to build the community resource centre and linkages to donors and supporters who are willing to support our organization its quest to empower needy families and resource poor communities.
Help in accountancy and auditing of our financial records, sharing of financial tools and programmes/ software for accounting practices. Sharing financial management information or online training's in financial management.
Help in writting proposals and grant writting to enable raise funds to support our projects or raise funds for a given cause or situation at hand.

Kipepeo Community Empowerment Program (KCEP) is a Community Based Organization, Non-Profit and Non-Governmental initiated in October 2009 to help spearhead community driven development initiatives and enable needy community groups participate in integrated activities to achieve quality livelihood and be self-sustainable. KCEP delivers its activities through the power and spirit of volunteerism approach to build sustainable communities / intercultural exchange and thriving villages in our country. Our main purpose is promote youth employment and information exchange among Kenyans and international communities (voluntary work-camps, short and long term volunteering) youth mobility, social inclusion, community development, promotion of peace among our diverse communities, understanding and unity of purpose.

KCEP provides services in entrepreneurship and development, information technology trainings and empowerment (ICT), education (Kipepeo Community Education Centre) health and education in HIV & AIDS management and awareness, malaria and TB awareness and advocacy, Rehabilitation of street children, supporting orphans and vulnerable children, deployment of both local and international volunteers to various community projects, community entrepreneurship/ community microfinance trainings and monitoring (Community Savings and loaning) , Capacity Building sessions to youth groups, vocational schools, primary and secondary schools, creative and performing art, organic farming and agricultural activities, Eco-Tourism, Environmental education and Management.

KCEP harness and develop the power of young people, by effectively involving them in direct implementation of the core activities that develops their skills, enabling them become self-reliance and sustainable people in community service and development. We engage young people in a constructive manner enabling them initiative and build their ideas, develop prototype, test and develop products that meet the people’s needs and help reduce the problems and challenges that most faced in development sector.

A better future and right livelihood for families and individuals in our villages and self-sustainable communities

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of the local communities through sustainable local development initiatives in Kenya

1) People are the centre of development; they are the forces of our intervention.
2) Being transparent and accountable.
3) Sustainability should be inbuilt in all interventions.
4) Wholes –Wellness (Development of total person)

Our goal is to enhanced capacity, improved living standards and quality livelihood of needy and vulnerable community groups; children, youths and women in Kenya.

10 to 20 people



P.O Box 29, Code 50307, Luanda, Kenya, Luanda, Kenya.

: +254724808475

: julius.kuya1

Necessary goods Better to have For interaction with people
Mosquito net (you can buy in Kisumu/ Luanda) Sandals (you can buy in Kisumu/Luanda) Pictures about your country
Good walking shoes ( Running /tennis shoes are fine) Insect repellant
Torch/flashlight Hat Food from your country
Toiletries (you can buy in /Kisumu/Luanda) Sun cream Cultural materials e.g. flag
First-aid kits Camera , laptop e. g. toys for kids
Sleeping bag Any other items you may deem necessary

Necessary Goods
a) Mosquito net (you can buy in Kisumu/ Luanda)
b) Good walking shoes ( Running /tennis shoes are fine)
c) Torch/flashlight
d) Toiletries (you can buy in /Kisumu/Luanda)
e) First-aid kits
f) Sleeping bag

Better to have
a) Sandals (you can buy in Kisumu/Luanda)
b) Insect repellant
c) Hat
d) Sun cream
e) Camera , laptop

For interraction with people

a) Pictures about your country

b) Food from your country
c) Cultural materials e.g. flag
d) e. g. toys for kids
e) Any other items you may deem necessary

Wish list
As a local grass root organization, KCEP doesn’t have funders or donors, we therefore appeal for any kind of support to help reach out to the most needy and advance our services to the needy communities, either an old laptop, ipads, camera, video camera, printer, scanner, electric cables, old clothes, shoes, note books, kids drawing material, balls, pens and pencils, and general office supplies etc are welcome and they will help make a difference in someone’s life


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