Krousar Yoeung Association

phnom penh, Cambodia, South East Asia
Krousar Yoeung Association is a local non-governmental organization with no religious or political ties and was established to improve the welfare, intellectual and overall development of children, to enhance parenting skills, to improve their livelihoods and to empower them towards autonomy.

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To help raise fund for program operation

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As soon as possible
At least three months. If it is longer, it will be great.

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#38, St. 598, Sangkat Bangkak II, Khan Tuol Kork, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, phnom penh, Cambodia.

Additional Info about Us

10 to 20 people

Krousar Yoeung Association’s key mission is to contribute to the emergence of an environment conducive to small children’s overall and holistic development, which includes their intelligent capacities, language skills, harmony, living conditions, and physical condition. To achieve this mission, the association shall be considered in followings:

Supports the implementation of early childhood programs appropriate to the context and reality of villagers.
Works to enhance the quality of the parent-child relationship and parenting skills.
Shares in the development and promotion of early childhood education with local officials, localNGOs, international NGOs and donors.
Contributes to human resource development specializing in early childhood and family empowerment activities.
Provides support in the form of technical advice and resource persons to ministries, NGOs and IOs in the field of early childhood and parenting activities.